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April 2016

The meeting opened with the introduction of several new members, many of which had recently graduated from Bee School.

The installation of two top bar hives and two Langstroth hives at Blackwood Farm Park is a success. They are doing well.

State beekeeper Association cards are available for pick-up. Members were reminded to sign in at each monthly meeting.

Guest speaker, Pat Jones, who is Deputy Director of Pesticide Programs for the North Carolina Department of Agriculture,  presented the topic, “Pollinator Protection Update.” License plates with Beekeeper logos are now available at the State license Plate Agency.

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March 2016 Executive Committee Meeting

The board approved the 2016 budget . Mary Leonhardi [POC ]

Walter Starks, the President, is still looking into prices of liability insurance.

John Rintoul is still working on finding new hive locations.  Carrboro High School is high on the list of possibilities, but there are many more streams to cross before the locations are tied down.

The Extractor Protocol is on our website.  Fred Fesel is the point of contact (POC).

GAPS, the Achievement Award, is cancelled for this year.

John Rintoul is POC for pursuing a nonprofit educational designation for our club,  under 501 (c) (3), for tax purposes.

We are looking into offering a Graduate Course in Beekeeping Exploring Concepts.  Both David Eckert and Randall Austin are POCs for advanced bee education.

With the Centennial Celebration approaching, Chris Apple, as POC, is exploring the idea of presenting 100 Plant Pollinators at the 2017 Fair.

We will continue to have open Listserve Access with spelled-out limitations. Water Starks is POC.



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March 2016

President Walter Starks opened the meeting at 7:11 p.m. with an introduction of new members. There were several. The meeting was well attended with few empty seats.

He presented Cynthia Speed and Chris Apple with recognition gifts for their previous service as joint club presidents. Chris asked anyone interested in the Outreach Program, which would involve going to schools for presentations, to contact her.

Chris and Cynthia also said they would like to get an early start on designing the Orange County Beekeepers Association booth for the NC State Fair in October and requested ideas for it. They would like it to be extra special this year since 2017 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the North Carolina Beekeepers Association. Chris also asked anyone with knowledge of past club events to contact her as she hopes to put together a club history of the Orange County Beekeepers Association.

Club Treasurer Mary Leonhardi was in attendance collecting dues and selling $2 OCBA patches.

After the business portion of the meeting, the president introduced the guest speaker, Chris Richmond, who gave a useful and informative presentation on swarm retrieval and cutouts. He has a lot of experience on this subject as he is the coordinator of the OCBA Swarm Patrol. Several questions followed the presentation and the meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Fred Fesel Secretary

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January 2016

Our new club president Walter Starks opened the meeting at 7:11pm.  36 members were in attendance.

Walter welcomed all members both old and new.  Several new bee school attendees were welcomed as well.

Dave Eckert told us that 8 people applied for the 2016 Apprentice Program.  Two great candidates were chosen.  They will be attending bee school and giving a presentation to the club in the fall about their first season keeping bees.

The need for experienced beekeepers at field day at the end of bee school was brought up tying in the introduction of the First Year Clusters.   This group will create the opportunity  to connect beekeepers that have already successfully over wintered at least one hive in NC with newbees. He emphasized how much everyone ends up learning and how much fun it is.  If there is enough interest a monthly field day schedule may be created.  OCBA members could caravan from apiary to apiary in a specific a region and open hives together.

Randall Austin suggested that the OCBA start a study group for those interested in attaining their Master Beekeeper Certification similar to Person County.  A sign up sheet was sent around and there was much interest.   He shared that mentoring a new beekeeper is a great way to get service credits.

Club Treasurer Mary Leonhardi was in attendance collecting dues and selling $2 OCBA patches.

Cynthia Speed mentioned the club hives that will be at Blackwood Farm.  She and Mary will maintain the top bar hive and Cedric Pearce will monitor the Langstroth at this site.  Walter and John Rintoul continue to tend the hives in Carrboro.

At 7:25pm Jenn Temple, paramedic intern at the Carrboro Fire Station 1 was introduced.  She gave a fantastic presentation that clearly demonstrated her passion to educate the community on all things related to health emergency management.

She shared her thoughts on EPI pens and the proper time to use the same.  She could not emphasize enough how important it is to call 911 if there is ever a breathing issue.  The rule of thumb is to always call if you think you need help.  You are not bothering them – they would rather come out and discover all is well than not be called and a serious problem develops.

Jenn also stressed the importance of everyone becoming CPR certified.  It is an important tool that aids in what is called Meaningful Recovery.  The sooner you do CPR on a person the greater chance they have to recover back to their original state.

She also talked about heart attack signs, stroke, seizure disorder, bleeding, broken bones and heat related emergencies.

Jenn finished her presentation and the meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm

Respectfully submitted,

Jan Rogers


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November 2015 Executive Committee Meeting

The meeting began at 7:10pm. Present were Chris Apple, Cynthia Speed, Mary Leonhardi, Cedric Pearce, Cynthia Woodsong, Randall Austin, Walter Starks, John Rintoul and Jan Rogers. Missing was David Eckert.

Chris shared that the club won $158.00 in prize money from the fair and gave the check to Mary.

She stated that the purpose of the meeting was to inform the incoming club president and vice president on OCBA club protocol as it has been for the past two years. Chris noted that the OCBA Board members try to meet quarterly.

Chris mentioned that the News of Orange is where she has been publishing Bee School ads and other club announcements. The occasional submitting of OCBA pictures and articles to Erin Wiltgen ( was suggested.

Chris discussed the success the club has had with hosting candle making and extractor workshops. The school has an equipment day and a field day. Perhaps now that there will be hives at Blackwood Farm more field days could be scheduled. Chris will look into how many hives they are comfortable having on the property. Walter suggested having a top bar hive on the site. Both Cynthia and Mary currently keep bees in top bar hives. A definitive schedule needs to be created to ensure these hives are properly tended to.

Chris recommended that a member of the Board be present for the first day of bee school to promote the club. Cynthia said there are usually a number of club related questions. Mary suggested that a schedule be created so at least one board member is available at every class that is able to open and close the facility. Bee school begins on Tuesday, January 19th. Cynthia has a flyer for bee school that was used in the past that she can share.

Monthly programs need to be scheduled. In January Kim Woodward of Orange County EMS will come and discuss bee sting awareness and the use of epinephrine. In February Nancy Ruppert will do a presentation on Winter Feeding. Jan handed out a list of other ideas for the year. All are asked to submit an idea for speakers by December 31st so they can be promptly booked and added to the OCBA website calendar. Jan also suggested that an annual itinerary of the monthly speakers be added to the first page of the website. Since a list of ideas was on the same sheet of paper she handed out, she also mentioned that monthly door prizes should be offered at the meetings.

With regard to snacks offered at the meetings, Chris and Cynthia had great success passing a sign up sheet around at the January meeting. Walter thought asking two people to sign up each month would be helpful. It was determined that a Listserv request will be generated.

Chris asked Walter and John to reach out to Lucy Wilson and Chris Richmond to see if they were still interested in maintaining a leadership role in the pollinator garden and swarm patrol. If not, replacements need to be assigned and there needs to be an update to the website,

Pre-meetings have been held at Vinny’s Italian Restaurant in Hillsborough at 5:00pm. Another restaurant can be chosen with the primary requirements being reasonably priced menu items, close proximity to the UU Church, ample parking, no reservations required and flexibility with regard to party size. It is preferred that two board members be present in case one needs to remain with the guest speaker as the other heads over to set up for the meeting. Chris and Cynthia did this as a team for the past two years. Randall made a good point that another way to thank guest presenters would be to offer to reimburse for gas mileage as some speakers have a hard enough time getting to the meeting for 7:00pm let alone a pre-meeting dinner. Walter wants to see the OCBA financials before committing to adding that line item to the budget.

Mary would like to stick to the bylaws and begin exercising the annual club treasurer audit by three current OCBA directors. She has yet to be given the Excel spreadsheet and paperwork from Dick Merritt. In his defense, Chris mentioned that he was not given the same 6 years ago.

She also mentioned that after bee school she plans to close the current Paypal account that is attached to Dick’s personal bank account and activate a new one using the OCBA credit card she opened. She will contact Rev. Patty Hanneman at UUCH for the numbers needed to budget for the use of the church for monthly meetings as well as the 8 weeks of bee school in 2016.

There was a brief discussion of storage space for miscellaneous OCBA equipment and Outreach items. Jan has started a list of said items and their current locations. John will add a few items to that list as he and Walter have some boxes and feeders for the Carrboro hives. Jan will ask Geneva what items she may still have. In lieu of adding another budget item and finding a central location, it may work to keep the items where they are so those who use them most frequently have easy access to the same.

Regarding the OCBA website and Facebook page, Todd Walker has been managing the website but will be transferring the responsibility to Dave Eckert. It was unclear if Geneva Greene or Nerissa Rivera was updating the Facebook page.

Jan and Mary will send monthly personal email reminders to folks whose memberships are about to expire emphasizing the importance of being an active club member.

Chris talked about Carrboro High School Bee Club’s desire to have an OCBA representative. John offered to reach out to them.

It was then pointed out that since the club is not covered under the NCSBA insurance policy, a Farm Bureau general liability policy will be initiated.

Mary suggested there be a policy for making financial decisions such as the treasurer can make purchases up to $50. She is currently in possession of $100 petty cash which is used at meetings as change for people who pay cash for their memberships or purchase OCBA items.

Walter will contact Lewis Cauble about a contact person for OCBA t-shirts. John suggested a new design be created for 2016. There are OCBA patches that can be stitched onto caps as well.

Cynthia shared that Bee Culture Magazine will be sending magazines for the students of our bee school.

Jan will give Randall Bee Supply magazines and donation items for bee school, including a 10 frame single deep hive from Brushy Mountain that he will use on equipment day. Jan will send thank you notes to the suppliers.

Walter asked if we thought the use of Hive Tracks as a club would benefit members. It would be helpful for members to see what is going on in the club hives but the $2.00 per hive monthly fee needs to be addressed. It has been a helpful tool for Walter and John to keep current on the goings on at the Carrboro hives.

Walter will inform Todd that he is the new OCBA contact for NCSBA.

The meeting adjourned at 9:26pm.

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