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Summer Schedule

No OCBA Meeting In July!

In July the North Carolina State Beekeeper’s Association holds its annual summer meeting. This is a great opportunity to meet other beekeepers, participate in workshops, and hear lectures from some of the top researchers in the country. Because the meeting coincides with our July meeting the OCBA will have no July Meeting. To learn more about this event go to:
Instead of our meeting we will hold a potluck/ hive inspection. This will be a chance for us to spend time together socially. We will also do a full hive inspection and test for Varroa mite loads with our state inspector, Will Hicks. Please RSVP with Fred Fesel to obtain directions and help us manage the potluck by telling us what dish you would like to bring and how many are in your party.
Look Forward to seeing you there.

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OCBA on the Radio

Logan and Geneva were interviewed on a live radio show on Carrboro’s local station. To hear the entire conversation, go here: Courage Cocktail Radio Show #44 All About Bees

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New Officers needed

  1.   This year OCBA needs one new director, who will serve for three years, who will come from OCBA’s active membership.   The director assists the vice president in the planning of programs and field days and also serves on the Auditing Committee and Executive Committee.
  2.   We also need an active member to serve as vice president for the coming year.  It is the duty of the vice president to perform the duties of the president in his absence or at his request.  The vice president, with the assistance of the directors, also will make the necessary arrangements for programs and secure speakers for same.  In addition, the vice president is responsible for securing the meeting place and making necessary arrangements for the regular meetings.
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