Extractor Workshop: A Huge Success!

Cynthia Speed, Reporter/Photographer

05 Practice makes perfect

What a fabulous turn out for the Honey Extraction Workshop! Thirty-five beekeepers came out to learn how to use the club’s extractor, handle a refract-ometer, get hands-on experience with different tools for uncapping wax, and taste honey fresh from the comb. A lot of questions were answered and a good deal of beekeeping information exchanged. A really, really, great big thank you to Walter Starks and Cathy Starks for sponsoring the workshop and being so gracious as to allow their precious hard earned honey combs to be practice fodder for new-to-extracting newbees. Walter and Cathy’s knowledge and experience were invaluable to all in attendance.

A further big thank you to Keith Yow, Teacher of the Year at Cedar Ridge High School, OCBA beekeeper and cabinet and wood working teacher for making arrangements for OCBA to use the High School’s large, air conditioned shop.