Chemical Free Beekeeping

Here is a list of some Chemical Free Beekeeping resources researched and compiled by one of our members, Betsy Kemptor:

Certified Naturally Grown
A non-profit organization offering certification programs for small-scale, direct-market farmers and beekeepers using natural methods.

Yahoo Group
Ongoing discussion by folks trying chemical free methods.

Michael Bush, Bush Farms
Discussion of the whys and hows of Natural Bee Keeping, including a plug for natural cell size and the problems with sugar water.

The Barefoot Beekeeper
This site is about sustainable, low-impact, low-cost, chemical-free, small-scale, ‘organic’, natural beekeeping, using simple equipment that almost anyone can make at home.

Healthy Bees: A Course For Keeping Bee Healthy (and on their own six feet)
A $25 online course that claims: “By reading and completing interesting modules online you’ll learn about healthy bees and strategies you can use to keep them that way – with minimum or no use of pesticides and antibiotics”.

Beesource Biological Beekeeping Forum
Discussion of “biological methodology” in beekeeping and honey production – management strategies that cooperate, as much as possible, with the bees’ biology, without resorting to the use of chemicals and drugs.

American Apicultural Society Apicultural Resources
A site dedicated to apitherapy, with some resources on natural organic, and biodynamic beekeeping.