Announcements That Would Have Been

If we would have had a meeting tonight, Cynthia and I would have made the following announcements:

1. If you passed the written Certified Beekeeper exam, please contact me ( to schedule your hive practical.

2. We would like to have an OCBA T-shirt. Bring your design ideas to the March meeting!!!!

3. Don’t forget to sign up with Chris Richmond for swarm patrol if you are interested. Free bees are a great reward.

4. Cedric is working diligently on our newsletter, which should be ready soon.

5. Our 4H program is a wonderful opportunity to encourage young beekeepers. We really need folks to volunteer to keep this program going. Please contact Todd Walker ( if you can help out.

6. Rev. Langstroth (aka Dr. John Ambrose) will be the speaker at our March meeting!!!

7. Please let Cynthia or I know if you have any special program requests.

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