Proposal for Membership Vote 5/8/2014


Lewis Cauble presented the OCBA Executive Committee with a proposal to donate a significant sum of money to NCSU Apiculture.  Although the Committee feels a donation to be a reasonable request, we would like to suggest a smaller monetary gift. Any interested membership should be prepared to vote on this proposal at the May 8th OCBA meeting. Lewis’s original proposal appears below. My apologies. I was unable to attach the brochure.

Good Morning OCBA Executive Committee Members,

NCSU Apiculture is beginning a more active fund raising campaign to support the excellent work that they do and I would like for OCBA to seriously consider giving in a big way.  While grant money from the government continues to become more scarce, the cost of doing quality research continues to rise.  NCSU Apiculture gets a bit of money (perhaps $2000 to $3000 per year) from NCSBA, but it is not the sort of money that will support and sustain the program.  I believe it is time for NC beekeepers and the local chapters to step up to the plate and start giving in a meaningful way.  I would like for OCBA to set the example for local chapters by donating $5000.00.  My hope is that this will set an example that other chapters can and will follow.


Attached is a draft of a fundraising brochure that the NCSU Development Office has put together to support the upcoming campaign.  I hope that each of you will read over the brochure as you consider this proposal.


Thank you,


Lewis Cauble

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