Who We Are

In 2019 OCBA’s membership consisted of over 200 dues paying beekeepers. Many of those beekeepers participate in the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association’s Master Beekeeper Program. The Master Beekeeper Program was developed to provide a formal structure to allow beekeepers to improve their beekeeping skills and knowledge. Beekeepers progress from Certified Beekeeper through Master Craftsman Beekeeper levels of continuing education and experience.

Randall Austin is OCBA’s Master Beekeeper Coordinator. In this capacity he serves as OCBA’s liaison to the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association’s Master Beekeeper Program. Among OCBA’s current membership, these members have earned advanced beekeeping certifications.

Certified Beekeepers

Larry Arnold James Greco Haywood Rhodes
Jeanne Arnts Jill Hadden Chris Richmond 
David Bailey Joan Kalnitsky Nerissa Rivera
Karen Bentley Robert King John Schaub
Richard Brown Karen Lauterbach Jerry Schoendorf
Anne Cabell Walter Liggins Cathy Starks
Lauren Carreto Celeste Mayer Tim Struttmann
Scott Crook Jessica Mjelde Kim Talikoff
Carrie Donley Dick Merritt Megan Talikoff
Maggie Funkhouser Michael Morrissey Tommy Tuck
Sheri Gant  Nancy Oglesby Adrienn Uzsak
Elizabeth Gokay-Duffy Curtis Pruitt Lara Wilkinson

Journeyman Beekeepers

Ryan Chamberlain Elizabeth Pratson Walter Starks
David Eckert Louise (Lou) Rascoe Lisa Vogel
Jim Evans John Rintoul  
Brad Kosiba Dawn Rogers  

Master Beekeepers

Chris Apple Geneva Green John Wallace
Randall Austin Mark Powers Todd Walker
Lewis Cauble Cynthia Speed  


(page last updated 22-May-2019)