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OCBA/4H at the Co-Op-A-Fair

Cabot Creamery Cooperative sponsored the Co-Op-A-Fair in Durham to show us just how much can be accomplished when we come together. The event included local electricity, telephone and food coops, as well as credit unions and volunteer organizations. The OCBA sponsored 4H students, Kaylynn Dungan and Logan Kroothoep, were invited to attend to share there experiences in beekeeping. Watty Bowes and Geneva Greeen also attended as OCBA representatives and mentors.

Kaylynn and Logan did a great job of demonstrating the joys and benefits of 4-H beekeeping to dozens of adults and children of all ages who were at the Co-Op Fair at Diamond View Park in Durham. Geneva and Watty had a pleasant time just watching Kaylynn and Logan using the observation hive with a frame of Kaylynn’s bees and other instruction material to teach a variety of interested spectators about honey bees. Also Geneva and Logan gave short and instructive explanations of the OCBA-4H collaboration to the general audience at the fair.

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Checking the Duke Homestead Hives

A group of OCBA members met with Dick Rogers of Bayer Crop Science at the Duke Homestead to check on the bees there. The hives were set up last summer. Bayer Crop Science provided the hives and several OCBA members donated the bees. The plan was to have demo yard at the Duke Homestead to educate the public about bees. The hope was that beekeepers would work with Duke Homestead staff to maintain the bees as well as utilize the hives for demonstration and teaching purposes. The volunteer program didn’t get established and the person at Dike Homestead who was going to help with the bees left so, other than some emergency feeding in January, they were neglected through the Fall and Winter.

Despite being ignored, two of the three hives survived. Dick took us through the process of inspecting the hives. One of the survivors is showing several signs a Varroa mite infestation. The other is in a little better shape. Hopefully this year the hives will get better management. A new beekeeper who lives nearby as agreed to help to schedule any volunteers that would like to work to maintain the hives. If all goes well the hives will flourish and we can arrange to have teaching events at the Duke Homestead.

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Introduction to Beekeeping class coming this Fall

The Orange County Beekeepers Association will be hosting a half-day introductory class on beekeeping in November. Space is limited. More information here.

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OCBA Installs Pollinator Garden at Historic Dickson House in Hillsborough

Members of OCBA’s gardening crew met at the Alexander Dickson House in Hillsborough on Saturday, Dec 11 at 9 AM to install a wonderful pollinator garden. We cut the sod off of the top, tilled the wonderful red clay, added a healthy dose of compost and tilled that in. We cut a nice edge around the bed and planted some of the bees favorites including varieties of salvia, anise, mint, sedum, aster, and others. After planting, we put a nice layer of double shredded hardwood mulch on top. We look forward to it coming alive as the weather warms in the spring.

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Fall Newsletter

The Fall Newsletter is out. Read about the October, November, and December meetings, as well as other OCBA Fall activities. You can download it here.

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