Join OCBA’s Google Discussion Group

The OCBA Google Discussion Group is an open forum that allows OCBA members and non-members who are inter­ested in beekeeping to share beekeeping information. Members of the beekeeping community can ask questions, share observations and seek advice from more experienced beekeepers. All postings should be consistent with this focus on bees, beekeeping, bee research and evidence-based, best beekeeping practices. Postings promoting a social/political agenda are not consistent with the educational purpose of the OCBA discussion forum and are not appropriate.

Like the bees in our hives, all beekeepers are working toward a shared goal – to become better beekeep­ers. Bees work together cooperatively to ensure the survival of their colony. The OCBA discussion forum allows our members and members of a larger beekeeping community to share knowledge to ensure the survival of our bees.

All posts should reflect the broad goals and purpose of the discussion group. Postings should be polite, consider­ate and respectful of the views of others with respect to beekeeping practices.

We welcome everyone with an interest in beekeeping as a member of the OCBA beekeeping forum. To join, email with your name and the email you’d like to use.