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OCBA is going for the Gold!

OCBA is going for the Gold!
NCSBA’s Golden Achievement Program Award that is. The 2018 GAP Award will be awarded to the beekeeping chapter that earns the highest number of points in 2018 under the 37 GAP criteria defined by NCSBA.

Points are awarded based on chapter activities across several different domains. Individual members can help OCBA earn points by: volunteering to staff information tables at community events; attending an NCSBA State Conference; becoming a Certified, Journeyman or Master Beekeeper; donating honey or honey proceeds to a non-profit organization; or helping with OCBA’s State Fair Exhibit. Other ideas to help OCBA earn points may occur to you as you read through the GAP program guidelines. 

As you participate in GAP related activities, you may be asked to fill out an Individual GAP Form. The form is available here. The Individual GAP Form is interactive, so you should be able to fill it out on your computer. If not, handwritten is fine. Completed forms should be returned to Cynthia Speed or John Rintoul, the GAP Committee Co-Chairs.

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Bee School Begins – 2018

Orange County Beekeepers Association’s 2018 Bee School started January 16th. Once again the class was fully enrolled with 75 new and prospective beekeepers, including OCBA’s two apprentices, Catherine Trusky and Megan Talikoff. Randall Austin, OCBA’s Director of Education welcomed the new beekeepers and walked them through an overview of beekeeping as he introduced them to the syllabus for the 10 week session. This year’s class boasts a number of friends/family members of existing OCBA beekeepers, as well as a higher than usual number of students who are taking the class with a spouse, partner or other family member. 

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National Honey Bee Day!

August 12, 2017

OCBA kicked off National Honey Bee Week at the Chapel Hill Farmers Market. Vendors were asked to help promote the role of honey bees and other pollinators by displaying signs highlighting the role of bees in the production of their produce.

Chris Apple helped the non-beekeeping public appreciate the role of honey bees in the pollination of the world’s food supply. She staffed an information table about bees, beekeeping and honey production. Gifts of lip balm donated by Burt’s Bees and wild flower seed packets donated by BayerCropScience were available to market patrons who stopped by the info table.

Chris Apple offers information about beekeeping at the market.

Chris Apple offers information about beekeeping at the market.

Next Saturday on National Honey Bee Day, OCBA beekeepers will repeat this community education and outreach effort at the Eno River Farmers’ Market in Hillsborough.

More photos from the Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market event.

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OCBA Beekeepers Celebrate 100 Years of Beekeeping in NC at NCSBA Conference

OCBA was well represented at the 100th Anniversary NC State Beekeepers Association Conference in Winston-Salem in July – at least 27 of OCBA members attended. That may be a record for OCBA attendance. The conference itself also set an attendance record with 813 of the association’s 4,456 members attending. NCSBA is far and away the largest beekeeping organization in the U.S.

Cynthia Speed's bee quilt generated $760 for apiculture research at NCSU

Cynthia Speed’s bee quilt generated $760 for apiculture research at NCSU

Cynthia Speed’s honey bee quilt was the highlight of the silent auction. Conference participants bought raffle tickets in the hope of winning the quilt as the grand prize. NCSU’s apiculture lab got a significant financial boost from Cynthia’s efforts. The beautiful quilt garnered $760 in raffle proceeds and her soft sculpture varroa mite earned $30 in the silent auction.

To honor NCSBA’s 100 years of service to beekeepers OCBA provided 100 unique, native pollinator plants for display and sale. These plants were nursed through the heat of summer by Chris Apple, Celeste Mayer, Lisa Vogel, Karen Lauterbach, Amber Tarter, Mary Leonhardi and Jeanne Arnts. The plants were displayed in the main conference hall for to see – and buy. This plant sale raised an additional $262 for Dr. Tarpy’s apiculture program at NCSU. All told, OCBA’s dedicated volunteers generated over $1,000 to support apiculture research in North Carolina.

In the prize categories, two OCBA Beekeepers walked away with top honors. Mark Powers won top prize in the photography category. Randall Austin received top prize in the mead category and third prize in the melomel category.

The revival of Bee Quiz Bowl was both educational and fun. The Bee Bowl provided a great opportunity to learn some of the finer points of beekeeping and to showcase the deep talents of NC’s beekeepers in a fun format. There are a lot of talented beekeepers in this state! Even though OCBA didn’t take home the Bee Bowl trophy, it was well worth the effort. Our Bee Bowl Team of Randall Austin, Lewis Cauble and Jeff Lee represented us well.

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