OCBA Demo Hives at Blackwood Farm Park

OCBA Demo Hives at Blackwood Farm Park 1

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Walter and Cathy Starks heading to the hives at Blackwood Farm

On January 30 several OCBA members met with Keith Barnhardt, Park Manager at Blackwood Farm Park, to prepare for the installation of OCBA’s demonstration hives later this spring. As part of OCBA’s community outreach efforts, the club will maintain two traditional Langstroth hives and two Top Bar hives at the park. The hives will provide a focal point to share information with park visitors about bees and beekeeping. OCBA will also make use of the hives to educate school groups and interested community groups about the plight of honeybees and other pollinators.

The Langstroth hives will be maintained by Cedric Pearce and Cynthia Woodsong. The Top Bar hives will be maintained by Mary Leonardi and Cynthia Speed. Blackwood Farm Park is located near the intersection of Highway 86 and New Hope Church Road.