OCBA Volunteers Organize Donated Hives

Volunteers sorted hives.

Volunteers sorted hives.

Despite lower than expected temperatures, an OCBA volunteer cleanup crew sorted through the hives that were donated to OCBA in December. Over 20 members volunteered to help with the cleanup day on Saturday, February 4th. Of the 20 potential volunteers, 6 were selected. It speaks well of our membership that we had more volunteers than we could efficiently use. Thank you to all 20 who volunteered to help.

The 6 volunteers were contacted in the order that they signed up. They worked alongside members of OCBA’s Executive Committee to remove potentially problematic frames – i.e. frames that might attract wax moths while the hives are in storage.

David Eckert was on hand to select equipment for the OCBA Youth Beekeeping Apprentices. Woodenware was also set aside to replace aging boxes at OCBA’s demonstration hives at Carrboro High School.

David Eckert loaded 4 hives for OCBA's 2017 Apprentices.

David Eckert loaded up 4 hives for OCBA’s 2017 Apprentices.

In addition to the hives selected for the 2017 Youth Apprentices, 4 hives were selected and put back into storage for next year’s apprentices.

4 hives were selected and stored for OCBA's Youth Apprentice Program in 2018.

Hives for OCBA’s 2018 Youth Apprentice Program.

The remaining hive components were sorted and reassembled to create standard single-deep hive packages to donate to schools and community beekeeping startup efforts. Each hive package now includes: a bottom board, a single deep, 10 plastic frames, a queen excluder, a top feeder, a telescoping cover and a moving/robbing screen. Hives not needed for school and community needs will be offered for sale to OCBA members. Proceeds will allow OCBA to extend its Education and Outreach activities and to offer other assistance to school and community beekeeping efforts

Approximately 45 hives were opened, inspected, and reassembled into standardized single deep hives.

Approximately 45 hives were opened, inspected, and reassembled into standardized, single-deep hives.

Those who participated in the cleanup were:

Dale Morgan Walter Starks
Dawn Rogers Cathy Starks
Jim Evans Mark Powers
Sherif Ghobrial Chris Apple
Jamie Latimer David Eckert
James Asbill John Rintoul
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