NC State Hive Chat


We are happy to continue our bi-weekly Zoom apiculture webinars called Apiculture Online—Hive Chat with NC State. Our next webinar will be this next Wednesday, July 29th at 7:00 pm (EDT).

  • Bees in Season (what your bees are doing right now, and what you should do as a beekeeper)
  • Timely Topic (The importance of honey bee eggs—Dr. Esmaeil Amiri)
  • Guest Interview (Dr. Olav Rueppell, University of Alberta and UNC Greensboro)
  • Open Q&A session

Be on the lookout for future emails through our Wolfpack Waggle listserv disseminating the link, but for further information and regular updates can also be found on our ‘Webinars’ page on the NC State Apiculture Program’s Extension Portal site.

Because we have had such high demand and to keep things consistent among all attendees, we will be live streaming our webinar on our YouTube channel. Our Zoom platform will only have the presenters included, so all questions can be typed in the “comment” section on YouTube and we will have moderators routinely screening those questions to discuss. Please subscribe to our channel (so you will get automatic notification of the live stream) or logon directly to: