Spring Increase Workshop – Splitting Your Hives

Spring Splits

Spring Splits – POSTPONED
If your hives overwintered well and are busting the box with bees you may want to consider a spring split. OCBA has two demonstration hives at Carrboro High School. Both overwintered (as of February 15th) and one is busting at the seams with bees – 16 of the 20 frames in are covered edge-to-edge with bees. There is very little drone brood yet so there is time to plan one or more splits before the bees will be ready to swarm.

Spring splits can help you increase your colonies.

To help our second and third year beekeepers understand hive increase basics, OCBA is planning a Spring Split Workshop at the Carrboro High School demonstration hives. Randall Austin (OCBA Master Beekeeper and Director of Education) will demonstrate hive splitting techniques.

The workshop tentatively scheduled for March 11th is postponed due to weather. We will try to re-schedule the field day during the weekend of  March 17-18. Stay tuned to OCBA’s website for updates and details.

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