July 11, 2019 Membership Meeting

NC Master Beekeeper Randall Austin will tell us about the tiny little ninjas lurking in our bee colonies. We can’t see them. We can’t get rid of them. The goal of their very existence is to kill, kill, kill! They are extremely good at it. Typically, the ninjas make the deaths look like an accident. Most beekeepers aren’t even aware they exist. When their colonies die, the beekeeper thinks “my bees left,” or “GMO crops must have killed my bees” or some other equally sensible-sounding, YouTube based explanation. Hint: the culprits are NOT Varroa mites (we can see those) although Varroa mites act as the ninjas’ henchmen. Join Randall at the July meeting to find out what is going on in your hives.

Category: Club Meetings