June 13, 2019 Membership Meeting

Lewis Cauble, Past President of OCBA and current NC Apiary Inspector for the mountain region, will return to Orange County as our speaker in June.

His presentation will focus on what should give us comfort vs. what may be problematic as we read the frames in our hives. Lewis will share his perspective on the threat of varroa to the health of our colonies and help us recognize diseases that accompany high mite loads as we inspect our hives. He will also help us understand what is typical, seasonal variation in our hives as we evaluate frames of bees, brood and stores. For example, what is a shotgun laying pattern versus merely a random scattering of empty cells in an otherwise solid patch of brood? What are the bees telling us with the placement of nectar, bee bread, brood and open space? Can the placement of nectar tell us that the colony is queenless? Learn how to read the frames in your hive.

Learn to read your frames. What are they telling you?

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