April 2015

April 9, 2015 Meeting Minutes

OCBA co-President Cynthia Speed started the meeting at 7:06 pm

She thanked Kendall Clark for having his dad Joseph bring refreshments to share. Kendall was the OCBA 4H beekeeper last year and had honey his first year!

Cynthia asked if anybody wanted to share spring beekeeping experiences.

Geneva Green discussed reversing hives for a few days if the queen is up top as she doesn’t typically come back down on her own. She also suggested adding supers at this time, preferably drawn, to give more space to hives that are bustling.

Chris Richmond reminded us about the OCBA Swarm patrol list.

Randy talked about having brood in his super in addition to two deeps. He received some advice from a member to move the super to bottom in hopes that the queen will go up. He was instructed to remove it when it’s empty and be sure the queen isn’t honey bound.  Then finally add a queen excluder and split when it’s all straightened out.

New member, Zach,  recommended the use of the Cloake board method.  This method was mentioned in last month’s meeting minutes.

Cynthia explained that OCBA members John Rintoul and Walter Starks  set up hives at the pollinator garden in Carrboro at Friends School. John said they set up two hives each with one deep. The packages of bees are coming on the 17th. Chris is getting feeders for them.

Dick Merrit said the books we have had for 6 months to be delivered to library recently were dropped off by co-presidents Chris and Cynthia. This will earn the club GAP points if we can redo the action and submit a photo to the local newspaper.

Lucy Wilson said the volunteering for the pollinator garden is full!  Geneva we can have a booth at the tour of the Alexander Dickson House the second Saturday in May. There was some discussion of OCBA having a presence.

Bee school had 70 students this year – field day is at Randall’s house. It will give  new beekeepers the chance to get up close and personal. Seasoned Beekeepers able to help are welcome.

Cynthia informed us that Dave Eckert took and passed the beekeeping certification test at the State Meeting. Congrats to Dave!

Cynthia Woodsong introduced speaker Hongmei Byarlay, PhD. Bee behavioralist. Working at NC State and author of beemybest.com blog.

She studied honey bee aggressive behavior and environmental stress.
She started with flies but the social behavior in bees interested her.

She ended a fabulous presentation with a reminder that we should treat our bees well and in her opinion not use pest controls and herbicides.  She encourages controlling varroa levels and planting more pollinator plants to help keep honey bee stress levels down.

Cynthia W. thanked her for putting these issues on the table for us and explaining what goes on at a deeper more scientific level.

Next month Cedric Pearce is talking about the chemistry of honey and honey bees.
Members were encouraged to enjoy the snacks before departing and the meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm.

The Franklin County Beekeepers Association has successfully delivered over 300 pre-paid applications for the Honey Bee License Plate to the NC Division of Motor Vehicles, Specialty Plate Division. The next step will be completed by Representative Bobbie Richardson and her staff as they present the bill to the NC House of Representatives for vote. Once the bill is approved, DMV will begin processing the applications. Please continue to check their website for updates.

Respectfully submitted,

Jan Rogers

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