April 2011

OCBA  Meeting Minutes-April 14, 2011       7:00 pm

1.       John called the meeting to order in the parking lot (because door to the usual meeting area was locked).  Chris reported that he captured a swarm in Cary; Lewis reported capturing a swarm in the walls of a home, using a thermal imaging gadget; he also reported that Burwell School had a swarm.  John asked Lewis to tell what he takes with him to collect a swarm.  The truck with its locker full, a bucket on a long stick, the bee vacuum, queen cages, boxes/supers/nucs—all of these are some of what Lewis takes along.

2.       Before we re-assembled inside (thanks to Todd), Lewis showed the group a frame he’d found in one of his hives this spring.  The frame showed a distinctive random pattern of brood and perforated cappings.  It was identified as sac brood, a virus infection.  He has removed the frames, destroyed the bees, and will eventually re-establish a colony with the go-ahead of the inspectors.

3.       ‘Lizabeth called roll of members, and asked guests, visitors and non-members to sign in.

4.       Dick Merritt, treasure, reported that the current balance was $2,374.  There was a mix-up with some of the State Fair funds ($218) but he expects that to be resolved shortly.  See Dick for membership forms.

5.       John called on Watty to report on scheduled events coming up.  (These events are posted on the website.)  Watty thanked Jim and Eva Hoke for hosting the last workshop on hiving packaged bees, and reminded the group that Lewis would be hosting the next workshop on Saturday, May 7, on Nucs, at 10 am.

John turned the program over to Todd, who introduced Dr. Mike Simone-Finstrom of NCSU, formerly of the University of Minnisota.  Mike discussed his on-going research on how bees fight disease and stress.   His research looks at propolis: how and why bees use it, both individually and as a social community.  Bees do collect resin from plants, from which they can make propolis.  In the wild, some insects including bees, use resin/propolis for nest construction.  Common trees for resin are poplar, cottonwood, aspen, birch, alder, and (in our area) pine.  Propolis has a link to human health, and is a common ingredient in many Asian products, probably because it is an antibacterial, antifungal, and  antivirus.  Lab studies have tested using propolis in bee hives against varroa, chalkbrood, and American foul brood with some results.  Bees don’t normally eat propolis; feral bees cover the interior of their hive with a thin layer of propolis before constructing comb, sealing cracks and holes.  Bees have also enclosed or embalmed mice or other intruders in propolis inside the colony.  Foraging for resin is more time consuming and takes more energy for bees, so wy do bees do it?  Mike’s research is trying to find answers to this and other questions.

6.       Eva brought Japanese maple volunteers that she potted up to sell for the benefit of the club. ($2/pot)

7.       Lewis brought the fumigated donated equipment from Debbie Roose to the meeting to be auctioned.

deep hive body, 10 frames                          John H                                                                  $7                                hive body, 6 frames                                  Cecil                                                                       $9               batch: bee escape telescoping top inner cover     Todd                                                      $4             sliding rack, Henry shim                                               Ron                                                                        $1                deep hive body                                                            Chris                                                                      $7                 deep hive body                                                          John                                                                      $7            medium with frames                                      Cecil                                                                       $12

shallow with frames                                       Cecil                                                                       $10 X 2

“              “              “                                              Dan                                                                        $10

“              “              “                                              Robert                                                                  $10

medium with frames                                      John H                                                                  $8

bee escape                                                         Todd                                                                      $1

shallow with 9 frames                                    Cecil                                                                       $10

medium with 10 frames                                                Mike                                                                      $8

“              “              “                                              John H                                                                  $8

medium with 8 frames                                  John H                                                                  $7

approx. 40 sheets deep foundation         Cecil                                                                       $30

approx. 20 sheets shallow foundation    Watty                                                                    $13

approx. 20 sheets medium foundation   Lewis                                                                    $15

landing board                                                    Elisabeth C                                                          $6

box of stuff                                                        John H                                                                  $20

8.       Next meeting will be Thursday, May 13, at 7 pm.

Members enjoyed fellowship and refreshments together.

Respectfully submitted,

‘Lizabeth Collins

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