August 2015

Chris and Cynthia opened the meeting at 7:05
• Extractor policy: The extractor policy will be revised for 2016, to address a number of problems that emerged this year.
• State conference: The NC State Beekeepers conference at Lake Junaluska was attended by several OCBA members. Geneva Green was recognized as achieving Master Beekeeper status.
• 2016 conferences: The next state conference will be in New Bern, Feb, 25-27, and the Summer conference will be in Hickory July 7-9.
• 2017 conference: 2017 will be the 100th anniversary of the state beekeepers association, and a special conference is planned to be held in Winston Salem. All clubs are encouraged to do something special for this anniversary conference. OCBA will be putting on our thinking caps about this.
• State Fair Booth: The Fair committee’s theme for this year’s booth is “Bees as Super Heroes, ” and includes our past and present young beekeepers as heroes.
• State Fair competition: All members are strongly encouraged to submit products of the hive to the State Fair this year. OCBA earns points for all entries. Next month’s meeting will focus on how to organize and present fair entries. Individuals should register by Sept. 16 for the various categories. Registration is done online.
• At the September OCBA meeting Geneva Green and Don Hopkins will discuss the various State Fair categories of hive products and provide winning tips.
• Apimondia: The United States is planning to bid to host the Apimondia Worldwide Beekeeping Congress in 2019. OCBA donated $100 to this effort. The state association is matching funds.
• Veterans honey drive: A honey drive to benefit veterans is ongoing. Donations are tax deductible and all proceeds go to Veterans.
• NC License plate: The NC honey bee car license plate drive has thus far been successful and is wending its way through the legislature. Final details will be posted on the website.
• Journeyman: Cynthia Speed and Chris Apple have achieved Journeyman status.
• Wax workshop: A wax workshop will be planned and announced at an upcoming meeting and on the website.
• Shannon Baxter, of Baxter’s Bees gave a talk and demonstration on how to work with wax to create useful and beautiful products of the hive. She demonstrated a combination of solar technology to render wax, and an induction hotplate to melt wax to the temperatures needed for candles, cosmetics, etc. Shannon described a range of uses for the funky brown wax-moth hive-beetle stuff that we might otherwise throw away (e.g., lubricating squeaky door hinges, protecting blades on garden tools doors), shared a number of tips (e.g., using pre-waxed hemp wicks, using a blow dryer to remove bubbles from molded products), and promoted the use of silicone products for a range of wax molding needs. In addition to selling candles, cosmetics, and other finished wax products, Shannon noted that artists are a market for plain beeswax, and farriers will buy dirty wax. She encouraged everyone to visit her website ( for more information and tips. Finally, as president of the Five County Beekeeper’s Association, Shannon invited us all to their September 20th pig picking. Details forthcoming on the website.

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