August 2012 Executive Committee Meeting

OCBA Executive meeting minutes-August 4, 2012  5:00 pm

Present were Todd Walker, ‘Lizabeth Collins, Dick Merritt, Watty Bowes, John Harrell, Lewis Cauble, and Chris Richmond.

  1. Todd called on Dick for a financial report.  Dick reported 187 paid members and about $3,500 in the bank.
  2. Next Todd brought the group up-to-date on the State Golden Achievement Award.  The good news is that our club won first place; the bad news is that we share first place with Chatham and Crystal Coast clubs.  Four clubs participated this year, and Todd and Lewis expressed disappointment in the three-way tie for first.  Our club will receive $300, a banner “Chapter of the Year,” and an opportunity to apply for an additional $700 grant.  Lewis pointed out that once a club is awarded Chapter of the Year, that club must wait three years before being allowed in competition again (possibly to give smaller clubs a chance against clubs with large memberships such as Wake).   He quoted from a letter he’d received from the GAP committee which stated that one club would be selected in first place.  Lewis stated that he’d like the club to write a letter complaining about the failure of the GAP committee to select a single club.  There was some discussion about the tone of the letter and our expectations, and then there were suggestions about what might be used to compare clubs that might put them all on a level playing field.  Rather than accumulating points, it was suggested that the GAP be structured on levels of accomplishment.

Also Todd asked the exec. committee if we should just accept the $300, or also apply for the additional $700 grant.  If awarded, we would receive $1,000.  The committee agreed to go for the grant.  Lewis suggested using $150 to get 10 members Sting Certification from Red Cross; Watty asked about spending $450 on the new 4-H beekeepers; Todd mentioned purchasing books and /or videos for bee school and club continuing education.  After discussion,  it was the consensus of the group to write a grant that focuses on using the funds for our 4-H youth beekeepers and the educational materials.

Todd also reported that OCBA will be mentor Person County during the next year and will receive $200 for that.

  1.  ‘Lizabeth reminded Todd that the State Fair committee should be working toward the State Fair in October, the Nominating Committee needs a slate of names for the November meeting, and the Bee School Committee needs a chairperson and should also begin working toward the start of January Bee School.

Respectfully submitted,

‘Lizabeth B. Collins

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