August 2014

OCBA meeting minutes,August 14, 2014   7:00  pm


  1. Co-presidents Chris Apple and Cynthia Sneed greeted members and guests, and discussed the State Summer meeting.  She mentioned meeting Dr. Von Bryant, a presenter from the Univ. of Texas, who discussed how beekeepers can identify what types of honey their bees are producing by identifying the pollen in the honey.  Chris A announced that Dr. Bryant will be coming to NC again to teach this procedure.
  2. Cynthia passed out index cards and pens, and made a plea for members to write down the names of members who would be good officers for the club.  Next year we will need a new president, vice president, and a new 3-year director.
  3. Lewis will order t-shirts if there are a dozen folks interested now, but he’d rather wait until cooler weather and people are perhaps interested in ordering long-sleeved shirts.
  4. The listserv is jumping with questions and answers and suggestions.  Marissa Raveria is working on our Facebook site and she will speak about it in September.
  5. NC State Fair will begin in October.  Chris A asked everyone to think about entering something in it, and encouraged all to go online to view the list of items and process for submission.  She asked to be notified if products could be used in our booth.  Also those interested in helping Mary with the booth, contact Chris A or Cynthia.
  6. At the September meeting, Todd Warner of Carolina Bees will present on Certified Naturally Grown Beekeeping.  Check on line if you are interested in the process.
  7. Dick read aloud the letter of acknowledgement the club received for its donation of $2500 to NCSU’s Apiary Research.  Cynthia also mentioned requesting coverage in the local newspaper.
  8. Chris A announced the purchase of $200+ worth of books about beekeeping which will be donated to Hillsborough’s Orange County Library.
  9. Wattie announced that there will soon be a newly revised  policy for the use of the club’s extractor posted on the website soon.  This will include pictures of all the various parts and pieces that make up the equipment, and a checklist to be signed off by the last person to use it and the next person to use it.  Dick reminded all that there is a $10 fee, which entitles the user for four days of the equipment, payable to the club.
  10. Chris A announced that the search for private property on which to locate a storage shed owned by the club has been successful.  John Fredrick offered but his property is a little far; Cheryl Myers has also offered space.
  11. Chris A reminded members of the two hives placed at the church as practice hives; only one is active this year and the family formerly caring for it can not continue to do so.  She asked the membership what they thought of the idea of relocating the hive to Gold Park and adding a smaller nuc at the Pollinator Garden at the Visitor’s Center in Hillsborough.  There was a discussion about other sites in Orange County where it might be feasible to place a hive for educating the public.  If you have suggestions, email to Chris A or Cynthia.
  12. Next Chris A suggested that the club, in conjunction with Durham and perhaps Person or Chatham, host the summer meeting in 2016. This would require a large venue and a lot of careful planning.  Email her your thoughts and ideas.
  13. Chris A and Cynthia are working to update the website.
  14. Thanks were given to David Bailey for donating a cold knife for use with the extractor.
  15. Chris A announced volunteers will be needed for Farm to Table.  She worked this last year and enjoyed meeting lots of fourth graders.  It will be held on a farm on Hwy 86 S on Oct. 2 & 3, a Thursday/Friday.  Let her know if you can participate.
  16. Kendal Clark is a Cedar Grove student beekeeper under our 4-H mentor program.  He spoke a few minutes about his experiences this spring and summer with his hives.
  17. Tonight’s speaker is Master Beekeeper Lewis Cauble.  Before he could begin, Chris A and Cynthia presented him with a “MBA” t-shirt and a special varroa cake.  Lewis presentation was full of useful information about IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and the six registered mitacides in NC>

Following the presentation, fellowship and refreshments, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

‘Lizabeth B. Collins

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