December 2013


OCBA meeting minutes-December 12, 2013  6:00  pm

1.      Geneva welcomed members and guests.  She expressed her thanks for the great year and reviewed it by recognizing club members with Volunteer Awards. In Outreach: Amy Porter, Brennan Stout, Cheryl Kozel, Chris Richmond, Christine Apple, Colin Stout, Connie Gaudette, David Eckert, Fred Fesel, John Harrell, Liz Lindsey, Logan Kroothoep, Lucy Wilson, Mike Stanley, Molly Carlson, Peter Stout, Randall Austin, Rex Williams, Serena Reavis, Toni Fesel, and Watty Bowes.  She also recognized the officers and directors: Todd Walker, Dick Merritt, ‘Lizabeth Collins, Chris Richmond, and Rex Williams.  Those recognized for Special Projects were Lewis Cauble: Joint Summer Field Day; David Eckert: Honey Extraction Workshop; Lucy Wilson: Pollinator Garden coordinator; Todd Walker: 4-H Program, Bee School and Swarms; Chris Apple, Cynthia Steed, John Harrell,  and Mary Leonhardi:  State Fair.  She recognized Dick Merritt and ‘Lizabeth Collins for Long Time Service, Randall Austin as Listserv Advisor Extraordinaire, Rex Williams for Coordinating Outreach, and Logan Kroothoep as Best Club Representative. 

2.      Logan shared a power point presentation on his story as a beekeeper.

3.      Club members enjoyed a festive potluck meal and a slideshow of photos from the year’s activities.  The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

‘Lizabeth B. Collins

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