December 2010

Lewis welcomed all.  Surprisingly there were a few items of business to take care of.

1.     John Wallace passed ‘Lizabeth information about discounted subscriptions to American Bee Journal.  These must be completed by the club secretary and submitted; anyone interested should fill out the information and turn in to ‘Lizabeth with payment at the January meeting.

2.     Lewis passed on a folder from David Lambert to new President John Harrell.  He turned over the State Fair ribbons to ‘Lizabeth to keep with club records.

3.     The OCBA will meet on Tuesday, December 14, at Casa Ibarra to discuss plans for next year.  Members are welcome to attend or to make suggestions to officers.

4.     Lewis remembered events during his past two terms as president, and presented Don and Will “beauty bags” filled with lotion and lip gloss from the wax workshop.

5.     The OCBA pollinator garden is to be installed on Saturday, December 11, between 9-noon at the Dickson House in Hillsborough.  Come to help; bring shovel, wheelbarrows, gloves, etc.  Geneva has also compiled a pamphlet about the history of beekeeping and how gardeners can help bees that will be available in the center.

6.     Todd put the new OCBA website on line yesterday.  Check it out.

7.     Dick announced that membership for 2011 will be collected in January; $15 for state membership, $5 for county, $20 for both.  He will accept fees and applications at the January meeting.

Members enjoyed fellowship and a meal together.  Following the meal, Gayle directed the gift exchange.  Lewis thanked members for coming and reminded them all that John would be in charge in January.

Respectfully submitted,

‘Lizabeth Collins

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