January 2012 Executive Committee Meeting

OCBA executive committee meeting
Present: Lewis Cauble, Geneva Green, John Harrell, ‘Lizabeth Collins, Wattie Bowes, Todd Walker, Inge Katzman, Dick Merritt
1. Golden Achievement Award
Lewis announced that he is collecting information to compile for the 2011 Golden Achievement Award. He asked Dick and ‘Lizabeth to provide membership information to him, and Todd for a spreadsheet. He plans that the format will be more of an electronic report with link
2. Membership and Finances
Dick announced that because participation in bee school this year includes the year’s membership in OCBA our membership in January is already 89. Balance of club funds: $6,121.78. Todd asked if there was money for the club to provide woodware and bee packages to two 4-hers as promised, and Dick estimated that there was. Lewis will go ahead and order the (4)packages for the 4-Hers.
Geneva asked the committee to approve the purchase of a projector for the club to be used at monthly meetings and for bee school. The projector would be the responsibility of the club’s vice president, who is in charge of programs anyway. The committee agreed to the purchase and Dick and Geneva volunteered to look into the purchase of a used one. Geneva reviewed expenses for bee school: $30 for a used projector screen to be stored at UU Church, $300 to the church for meeting space for bee school.
3. Todd announced that on-line payment of dues is now available through PayPal. Consulting his notes, he stated that the club needs to have a written policy about the use of the club extractor which is stored with Fred Fessel. Todd has been working with Howard McAdams of the Or. Co. Farm Bureau to help support the 4-Hers with money or donations of equipment, and he will write a proposal.
4. There was discussion about whether to have an Orange County Bee School as an annual event. Geneva warned that it would be a huge time commitment for someone, but it’s do-able. Lewis counseled waiting.
5. Todd announced the on-line survey about members. Club will be able to collect information about speakers, activities, programs, etc.
Geneva has three open dates on the program calendar this year (July-summer meeting)-August, October, and November.
Todd asked for input from the committee on ideas for workshops. Some tossed out were: queen-rearing, splits, package installation (in April} and wax workshop. The wax workshop was scheduled in September prior to State Fair , October 10.
Lewis volunteered to head up the State Fair committee this year.
6. Geneva stated that she felt speakers at the bee school and at club meetings should be offered an honorum for their time and trouble. It was agreed that the club would offer each speaker $25 until such time as the club might be able to afford more.
7. Exec. Committee will meet again in March.

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