May 2015 Executive Committee Meeting

OCBA executive meeting minutes, May  27, 2015   7:00 pm

1. Present were  Jan Rogers, Chris Apple, Cynthia Speed, Cedric Pearce, Dave Eckert, Cynthia Woodsong and Rex Williams. Not present were Dick Merritt and Mary Leonardi.

2. Chris discussed the opportunity to further investigate an offer made by Apiary Hive Technologies’ Hive Health Monitoring program. It was decided that it would be presented to the club to see if someone wants to step up and get more involved.

3. In an effort to encourage local youth to get involved in beekeeping, Dave reported that he will be targeting the home schooler population come fall for participation in the 4H Mentoring Program as this time of year the focus is on summer camps.  It was suggested that an application essay be required as the program offers $500 in equipment and schooling.  He plans to customize an application template given to him by Chris.

4. Dave is in the process of choosing a centralized honey extraction workshop location with ample parking and a closed in space and a date for the same.

5.  Rex informed us that there are two observation hives available for Outreach.  Chris will try to retrieve one of them – Rex has the other.

6.  Cedric will laminate and place the extractor rental equipment list provided to him by Chris with the unit to remind borrowers to return all parts.  Cedric will ask Dick to send him a current member list to be sure that those trying to rent are up to date with their memberships.

7. There was discussion about having a table again at the Eno River Festival during the July 4th weekend.  Members can split the shifts and sell their own honey at the event.

8.  The State Fair Committee will be meeting soon to plan the event.  A theme will be chosen and Outreach participants will be encouraged to participate.

9.  Chris asked if anyone present knew of anyone interested in serving as club president next year.

10.  Jan suggested we offer a door  prize at each monthly meeting.  In addition to being fun and a motivator to get members to the meeting, it could earn us points as a part of the Golden Achievement Program.

11.  Chris discussed the need to update our pictures on the website as we have many from the honey extraction workshop, monthly speakers, the Hillsborough Garden Tour, Field day and more.  Cynthia W. and Dave offered to look into the same.

12.  Cynthia S. suggested that feedback sheets be handed out after each class during Bee School.  Jan offered to create the same.  It was confirmed that the club would benefit across the board with improved communication so efforts will be made in that direction.

13.  Dave mentioned that a map for the newbee/buddy or mentor program could be created pretty easily.

14.  Chris suggested the club purchase a laser pointer.

15.  Chris and Cynthia S. would like the club to host the 2016 summer meeting. Jan will look into a possible venue.  Rex thinks the Friday Center would be an optimal location.

16.  Cynthia W. went over the monthly meeting schedule.  All months have been assigned a presenter with the exception of the December holiday party.

17. There was no financial information to review, so the meeting was adjourned at 8:32 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Jan Rogers

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