October 2015 Executive Committee Meeting

OCBA Quarterly Executive Board meeting minutes, October 21, 2015   7:00 pm

1. Present were  Jan Rogers, Chris Apple, Cynthia Speed, Cedric Pearce, Dave Eckert, Dick Merritt, Mary Leonardi and Rex Williams. Not present was Cynthia Woodsong.

2. In the final transferal of club treasurer responsibilities, Dick gave Mary the check book and reminded her to open a new account by 11/15/15 as OCBA can no longer be a part of the NC State Employee Credit Union.  Paypal account information was also handed over.  Mary will send Dave Eckert an updated email address for the website .  Dick has a cash box, old financials and a box of hats and patches he will give to Mary at the November meeting.  The use of a Paypal Prime account was discussed in lieu of a bank credit card for club purchases as shipping is free and expedited. Mary has been researching the best options for the club and reached out to Wade to see what other clubs are doing.  Its important to be connected to the State Association as far as memberships are concerned.

3. Cedric informed us that 15 people have used the extractor this season.  It is in fairly good condition although a new honey gate would be suggested as the handle on the current one is missing.  Dave will arrange for a replacement.  Chris discussed the new extractor protocol which names Fred Fesel  and Jan as being responsible for managing the extractor rentals in 2016.  Members should be in good standing as of  May 1st of each year in order to rent the unit, with exceptions being made for first time beekeepers that join the club past that date.  The new policy will be introduced to the club right before the 2016 honey harvest season.  Mary will provide  Jan and Fred monthly member lists during the season.

4.  Mary suggested that monthly membership renewal reminders are sent out via Listserv.

5.  Chris was pleased with this year’s State Fair Results.  Preparations for the same will begin much sooner in 2016 in an effort to get more members to enter items.  Mary suggested that the revenue from the OCBA wins be donated to David Tarpy’s NCSU Apiculture Program if we have not already donated this year.  The winning items will be put on display at the November meeting.  Chris reminded us to get our expenses in for that event.

6.  It was voted that a $200 donation will be made to Cedar Ridge High School carpentry program  for the light box and lamp posts that Keith Yow’s students built for the fair. We will ask Keith to make a sturdier extractor stand at the next meeting.  A picture of the State Fair Committee will be included in the thank you note with the donation as soon as the bank account is created.

7. Chris confirmed that Walter Starks will be club president in 2016 and John Rintoul will be vice president.  The roles will reverse in 2017.  Mary will be Treasurer, Cedric & David will continue as directors with Chris and Cynthia as co-directors with a focus on Outreach unless another member chooses to step up and assume the role.  We thank and greatly appreciate Rex and Dick for their service.

8.  Jan asked all board members to send her a list of OCBA related items they have in their possession so she can have a master list of the same.  Chris has some clothing items that Todd returned that can go with the Outreach supplies. Jan will also arrange the purchase of a back up laser pointer.

9.  Dave handed out a draft of the Apprenticeship Application.  He sent some information to home school and 4H groups and received a positive response.   He asked the Board to help him choose the 2 apprentices shortly after the December 13th application deadline perhaps being able to announce the same at the January  14, 2016, member meeting.  It was suggested that the top 3 or 4 candidates meet with the board prior to selection.  Jan offered to host the Board members in her home for the purpose of said meeting.

10.  Jan asked about the online sign up procedure for outreach as far as GAP is concerned. All 2016 activities will be put into the GAP binder by Jan. Dave will ask Todd Walkerwhere the online info is going.

11.  Mary addressed the cost of Beginner Beekeeping school.  She was told that since Randall Austin is running the program and is very involved in the programs of neighboring chapters, he should determine the cost of the course.  It was confirmed that Randall needs to keep Mary informed of the number of books he will need purchased for the class.

12.  Dave mentioned the need for more members to step up as bee buddies and mentors.  The Google Doc for the same has not been properly utilized.  Jan thought hosting a twice monthly field day in the summer might create some interest in the program as well as help develop confidence.

13.  Chris asked if the club could pay for the beverages for the December Holiday Cocktail Party with club members providing hors d’oeuvres.  Dick will research the same and provide a recommendation based on his findings.

14.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:12 pm.

Jan Rogers

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