January 2013

OCBA meeting minutes-January 10, 2013  7:00 pm

  1. Geneva  welcomed the group and called the meeting to order.  She recognized Dick Merritt for all the work he has done for the club as treasurer and for bee school as registrar.
  2. Dick encouraged everyone to join the Orange County Bee Association (fees are $5) and the State association ($15).  Complete the enrollment form and include your check for $5 or $20.  He reported that Bee School has seventy-two participants, six of which are 4-H kids.
  3. Next Geneva introduced Chris Richmond who will be working with a committee to look at a meeting site (perhaps for after the lease with the church is up in one year) and who also coordinates snacks at the meetings.  Rex Williams was also introduced; he will be coordinating the out-reach.  Geneva has presented at a garden club in January; there’s an opportunity to present at a Durham Heritage Club which helps intercity kids learn about food; the Museum of Life and Science need someone on February 7 to talk about food and honey.  She also introduced David Bailey who told the club about his new retail store, Bailey Bee Supply, in Daniel Boone Square.  He mentioned that he would like to buy local wax and honey, and has queens and packages of bees for sale.
  4. Geneva introduced Randall Austin, Master Beekeeper and presenter for the meeting, whose slideshow was titled, “Pardon Me, But Your Bees Stink.”  Randall discussed an assortment of interesting facts about bees and other insects.  Did you know that honeybees have 170 genes for smelling but only 10 genes for tasting?  He explained how pheromones from different sources cause different responses in bees.  For example, queen pheromones tell the hive that she is present and that “all is well.”  It also prohibits workers from making queen cells, keeps workers sexually immature, and stimulates foraging.  Workers produce a locator pheromone which marks the entrance to the hive, the location of food and water sources, and the location of the queen in a swarm.  Workers also produce an alarm pheromone (which smells like bananas).  Randall enlivened his presentation with his subtle wit and his obvious enthusiasm and expertise for his subject.
  5. Lewis announced the Spring meeting in York, SC, March 1 & 2.  Only $20 to register—Google SC beekeepers website to learn more.  He encouraged everyone to attend and mentioned workshops and speakers.
  6. The meeting was adjourned and the group enjoyed conversations and refreshments.

Respectfully submitted,

‘Lizabeth B. Collins

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