June 2015

Chris Apple  opened the meting at 7:03 pm and made the following announcements:

1. We are partnering with the NC Botanical Garden in Chapel Hill for their Saving our Pollinators Program which will run from June through October. Mary Leonhardi, one of our members, will be presenting a talk during the program. A full listing of the programs offered can be found on the website (ncbg.unc.edu).

2. Anyone interested in the Apiaria project, please let me know. We already have 3 members who have signed up for this.

3. OCBA will be doing an outreach with kindergartners at Little River Park on Monday July 6th.

4. We will have a booth at the Eno River Festival. You can sell honey there if you would like.

She then introduced List serve responder par excellence, Randall Austin, and his discussion on How to Maximize Your Honey Production.
He started by saying that people say they  want to keep bees but are not interested in honey.   However, beekeeping is a hobby that could pay for itself!  Important things to consider:
#1. Location location location a food location can make up for a lot of bad beekeeping.  It’s all about what’s within ½ mile of where you live.
#2  It takes bees to make honey.  How do you build up the population? Feed in January and February in order to have lots of bees for early season pollination and honey flow.
#3  Be aware of the characteristics of your bees.  You want to keep Superstars and not losers.
#4.  Know whento put supers on. Too late miss out on the flow.  Too early is just stupid.  Keep your eye on the hives.
#5.  Extract: but don’t take off too much honey. Leave some not for winter…but for summer.
Whatever works for you was the message of the evening.
Don Hopkins informed us that North Carolina’s newest hive inspector is our own Lewis Cauble.  Congratulations to him and his new adventures.

There will be no meeting in July.

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