March 2011

OCBA  Meeting Minutes-March 10, 2011       7:00 pm

John called the meeting to order and reported on the spring meeting in Dallas, NC .  He attended workshops and received tips on overwintering bees, the history of bees, information on the products of the hive.  Dick shared a website with an on-line system of beekeeping  called “hive tracks.”  The summer meeting this year will be held in Elon the second weekend in July.

1.       ‘Lizabeth called roll of members, and asked guests, visitors and non-members to sign in.

2.       Dick Merritt, treasure, reported that the current balance was $2,320; OCBA has 47 current members and most of those are also members of the state association.

3.       John presented Lewis Cauble with his Certificate of Master Beekeeper.

4.       Watty had no new information to offer about workshops.

5.       Elisabeth Curtis reported that she and another member have worked on a list of plants that attract bees which was going to be offered in conjunction with the Southern States workshop.  The list may be compiled into a pamphlet and offered separately.

6.       Person County’s bee field day is to be held on Saturday, March 12.

7.       Watty told members about finding a nice DVD on top bar hives and he recommends those interested check out the site:

John turned the program over to Geneva Green, who presented “The Best Way to Learn about Bees is to Teach about Bees (and have fun at the same time)”.   Geneva has prepared many aids for members who are willing to give presentations to schools or clubs, including power point  presentations, folders of materials to copy for hand-outs, and CD’s.  She has also collected posters related to bee anatomy, a model of a honey bee, and the observation hive.   Geneva also reviewed the following upcoming events at which OCBA volunteers are needed:

a.       Hiving Packaged Bees , Saturday, April 9, at Jim and Eva Hoke’s bee yard (102 Stormridge Drive, Chapel Hill)

b.      Using Nucs and Making Splits, Saturday, May 7 (TBA)

c.       Piedmont Wildlife Festival , Saturday, May 14, from 11 am to 6 pm (364 Leigh Farm Road, Durham  (volunteers needed in shifts to man OCBA’s booth)

d.      Dedication of Pollinator Garden, Sunday, May 15, Dickson House on Churton Street, Hillsborough

e.       Magic Wings at Museum of Life and Science, Saturday, May 21 (433 West Murry Avenue, Durham (volunteers needed in shifts to man OCBA’s booth)

f.        Hillsborough Garden Tour, Saturday, May 21

g.       Farm to Fork, May 22

h.      Hive Assessment (TBA) Don Hopkins

She finished her presentation with a humorous Top Ten Things a beekeeper is asked.  One last announcement: Uniterian Church is having a plant exchange on April 9 from 10-12.  Interested folks are asked to bring a white flowering perennial  or to make a donation to the church.

8.        Betsy suggested that a form be created and posted on the website to preview requests for speakers about beekeeping, including a fee for for-profit organizations.  Dan asked if the information in the folder could also be up loaded on to the website.

9.       Lewis reminded the club that we are lucky to be beekeeping in NC where there are six full time bee inspectors.  Also he reported that he had received an email from the Durham Cooperative Extension agency about setting up a hive in their new community garden.  They have requested help with the hive wooden ware and bees.  Lewis offered to donate some equipment or woodware and a frame of bees.  Betsy asked who is going to care for the bees?  Lewis admitted that the garden is scheduled to open on April 29, and that he didn’t know who would care for them.  We had members who live in Durham County.

10.   Lewis explained that the Golden Achievement Application for OCBA was submitted at the spring meeting.

11.   Next meeting will be Thursday, April 14, at 7 pm.

Members enjoyed fellowship and refreshments together.

Respectfully submitted,

‘Lizabeth Collins

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