May 2013


OCBA meeting minutes-May 9, 2013  7:00 pm

1.       Geneva greeteded members and guests, and began the meeting committee reports.

2.       Rex mentioned two events in the last few weeks, one at Camp Chestnut Ridge and the other the Piedmont Farm Tour.  Two new events need volunteers.  One, Hillsborough’s 30th Garden Tour is this weekend; the other will take place sometime the last two weeks in May at a home school group north of Roxboro.

3.       Dick reminded everyone to sign in on the clipboards for attendance and to pick up membership cards on the same table.  There are 146 members this year.

4.       Todd reminded members of the grant the club received to sponsor 4-H students and to place the demonstration hives at the church.  He called on Logan who is in his second year as a beekeeper.  Logan began with two hives and now has five.  Todd introduced Edward, a first year beekeeper with a newly installed package and a nuc; and brothers Colin and Brennan, who have a package and a nuc.

5.       Watty did not bring the extractor use policy to this meeting due to miscommunication about sharing it with the members.  It is now scheduled for another meeting. 

Geneva asked the group some survey questions, asking folks to respond with a show of hands.  Then she turned the program over to Don Hopkins, State Bee Inspector, to talk about photographing bees.  Don, a self-deprecating photographer, began to take photos to document what he was seeing with the bees and the plants they favor.  He showed many beautiful photos of bees and blossoms, and also the blurry, unfocused or unlighted photos, telling what he did to correct the problems.  One tip is to try a different angle of the subject.  He also recommends deleting the really awful photos to save space on your computer and time in searching for a particular shot.  Don uses a Canon Rebel which is now about 7-8 years old, with two lens that he’s still learning about: a zoom 75 300 lens and a 50 mm macro lens.  Don put in a plug for the NC State Fair and was assured that both Orange and Person planned to participate.  There was also a brief discussion about the California almond pollination this year, and a short discussion on the effects of pesticides on bees.

Then the meeting was adjourned.  Members enjoyed refreshments and conversations.

Respectfully submitted,

‘Lizabeth Collins

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