January 2011

John welcomed all.   He shared the fact that he had checked some of his hives during one of the warmer days in the last week and had found one that was lighter than the others.  He asked Don Hopkins what he should do for that hive.  Don responded that the weather precludes doing very much, but he could feed the bees—even sprinkling granulated sugar on the top of the frames—if need be.

1.     John reported that OCBA’s Executive Committee met in December to plan for the new year.  Actively participating membership is one of the goals this committee set.  There are a lot of activities throughout the year for members to be active.

2.     He asked Charles to report on the 4-H part of the club’s program.  Charles did, saying that for some years, the club has offered to provide up to 4 hives and bees for interested members of Orange and Durham Counties’ 4-H clubs, and to mentor these 4-Hers during that year.  Martie Hart expressed an interest in this.

3.     Next John called on Geneva to report on a “presentation box.”  Geneva explained that she is putting together a box that will have all the items one would need in order to make a presentation to a school or club group, from outlines of what to cover to power point presentations that can be loaded onto a zipdrive.  Wattie asked about a presentation hive which some have seen offered in catalogs, with pictures/photos rather than the real thing.

4.     Dates to calendar:  May 14: Piedmont Wildlife Festival (members to man OCBA’s booth)

May 21: Wild Wings (OCBA booth) & Hillsborough Garden Tour

5.     Wattie reported that his committee has several workshops set up and scheduled for this year.  The first will be held at Cedar Grove Beeworks (8411 Highway 86 N) on Saturday, January 29 at 10 am.  Lewis will lead a hands-on workshop on wooden ware.  This is in conjunction with Person and Chatham County beekeepers.  Wear warm clothes as the workshop isn’t heated; bring your tack hammer (label it).

Another workshop on Making Nucs will be held later this spring.  Eva Hoke volunteered to host a workshop for demonstrating Installing Packages of Bee.  TBA –early April  Later in the spring, OCBA will host a workshop on Plants for Beekeepers along with Carrboro’s Southern States.  And Don Hopkins agreed to lead a workshop on Hive Assessment sometime in the early summer.

6.     Dick Merritt reported that the club currently has approx. $2100, excluding the membership fees that he has begun to collect.  Remember to turn in your membership form and check: Orange County dues for 2011 are $5; state dues are $15, and you can write one check.

7.     ‘Lizabeth announced that American Bee Journal is offering 25% off one year’s subscription if you order through the club.  She is collecting subscription information and money.

8.     Lewis pointed out the spring meeting will be March 4-5.  Look for information on the website.  He recommends reserving accommodations now which you can release later if you decide not to attend.  He also announced that he had made new nametags.

9.     John mentioned the need for publicity for all the club’s activities.  Elizabeth Curtis mentioned the Carrboro Citizen was good about covering events; John thought that Inge had that newspaper already on a contact list.  He mentioned the obituary of Stephen Luck, who was a beekeeper in Orange County and OCBA member.

10.  John turned the program over to Don Hopkins, State Bee Inspector, who gave us an informative slideshow.  He also answered questions, one of which was, “What do bee inspectors do?”  Inspectors look for diseases in hives, look to see if the queen is present and laying, locate atypical bee colonies or atypical bee behavior, help beekeepers with colony management, provide information to individuals or groups, etc.

11.  Eva spoke up to encourage member to get involved with activities.  She said the club is a wonderful place to learn about bees, and everyone in it is qualified to tell someone else about beekeeping.

12.  Old copies of American Bee Journal were offered to anyone interested.

13.  Lewis reported that Dyllis Bowman had donated bee equipment to the club.  On this night, he auctioned 6 plastic frames at $6, and bought those himself.  He offered 6 more frames, 5 frames and 8 medium plastic frames which Charles purchased at $10.

Members enjoyed fellowship and refreshments together.

Respectfully submitted,

‘Lizabeth Collins

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