December 2012

OCBA meeting minutes-December 13, 2012  7:00 pm

  1. Todd welcomed the group.
  2. Watty  thanked everyone for all the hard work during the last year to reach out to the communities around us.  He will rotate off the Executive Committee but will continue with Outreach.  He mentioned a PEO presentation coming up in February.
  3. Dick reported that the club is in pretty good shape ($7400, with 45 Bee School reservations coming in)  He would usually be reminding everyone to renew memberships in January, but this year the state is still working out the “bugs” in a new membership process which isn’t ready yet.
  4. Todd announced that we have received a grant for $1000 from the Golden Achievement Award, which will be used to fund 4-H scholarships next year.
  5. Geneva thanked Mike Lanier for letting us into the building tonight.  She proposed that the club contract with the Unitarian Church for the 2nd Thursday of each month for the coming year at $300.  Both she and Dick are members there and Dick has access to the building.  David Bailey suggested using Abundant Life Church to meet as it has been offered free of charge (donations happily accepted).  He thought the pastor would allow him to have a key.  The church has room with 150 person capacity and screens in the sanctuary.  Lewis made a motion to sign a contract with UUC for a year and see how meeting there works for everyone while a committee investigates other options ; David Bailey seconded the motion.  There was some discussion.  Chris Richmond volunteered to work with a search committee.
  6. David announced that he will be closing his landscape business and instead opening Jack Tapp’s retail bee business at a location in Daniel Boone in January.
  7. The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

‘Lizabeth B. Collins

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