June 2012

OCBA meeting minutes-June 14, 2012  7:00 pm

  1. Todd welcomed the group and reminded everyone to sign the clipboards for recording attendance.
  2. Dick asked all Journeymen and Master Beekeepers present to indicate so on the sign-in sheets.
  3. Watty thanked the volunteers for the two school presentations and the co-op fair in Durham, and listed new opportunities coming up soon: July 4, 7 & 8 at Durham’s Festival for the Eno and a Honeybee Awareness Day at Whole Foods in Chapel Hill and the state Summer Meeting in July.
  4. Todd mentioned the Master Beekeeper program. He apologized to bee school participants who took the certification test at the end of March—test are scored and the practicals need to be administered soon (hence the need for knowing who the master and journeymen beekeepers are).
  5. Todd also described several committees and asked for volunteers to serve on them.  First, the Nominating Committee, consisting of three members, whose duty will be to nominate and present a slate of officers for the November meeting.  Other names may be submitted from the membership at large at the time of the election, but this committee should seek out active members who are capable and willing to serve.  This year this committee should secure one new director, who will serve for three years, and a vice president.  It is the duty of the vice president to perform the duties of the president in his absence or at his request; the vice president with the assistance of the directors will make the necessary arrangements for programs and secure speakers for same; the vice president is responsible for securing the meeting place and making necessary arrangements for the regular meetings.  The director assists the vice president in the planning of programs and field days; the director also serves as the Auditing Committee and Executive Committee.

Next, the Bee School Committee, whose job it will be to set up and run next year’s Bee School.  Dick Merritt and David Bailey volunteered to serve.

Last, the State Fair Committee, whose job it will be to incorporate ideas of the membership into a plan for our booth at the October State Fair, then oversee the creation and placement of this booth at the Fair.  Lewis described his idea for “Got To BEE NC.”  This committee needs to get started ASAP.

  1. Geneva reminded the club about the Potluck at the Fessels’ which will be instead of the July meeting on August 4, 4 to 7 pm.  The club will provide BBQ & buns; members attending should bring sides.
  2. 4-H member presented a slide show of her activities since receiving her package of bees.

Buddy Martarre, Master Beekeeper, presented some interesting facts on overwintering his hives over the past several years, and his tips for keeping his colonies healthy.  Colony deaths over-winter are due to varroa mites and associated viruses, starvation, poor decisions (bees or beekeeper’s), unknown causes, and colony collapse disorder.  A beekeeper can help by feeding pollen or pollen substitute from the last two weeks of July through August until the fall flow begins; doing a mite check by sugar shake or sticky board and treat for mites if necessary.  Instead of chemical treatments for mites, the best strategy is to make splits or rear queens, which interrupt the brood cycle.  It is important to have healthy bees going into the winter..

Following the presentation, members enjoyed fellowship and refreshments.

Respectfully submitted,

‘Lizabeth B. Collins

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