November 2011

OCBA meeting minutes-November  10, 2011  7:00 pm

1.    John called the meeting to order and welcomed the group. He called for a Treasurer’s Report.

2.    Dick announced that new membership begins in January.  He provided applications for membership to those present.  He mentioned that the short Intro to Beekeeping course, which took place on Saturday, November 5, brought a net profit of $500 to the club.  This money may be used to provide equipment and materials for 4-hers interested in beekeeping.  He also stated that the club has received $100 in winnings from the summer meeting, which may be used to buy equipment.

3.     ‘Lizabeth called roll.  There were eighteen members and two guests present tonight.

4.    John opened the floor for nominations for officers for the 2012 year.  Todd Walker was nominated for the office of President.  No others names were offered.  He was elected unanimously.  Geneva Greene was nominated for the office of Vice President.  No other names were offered.  She was also elected unanimously.  ‘Lizabeth Collins was nominated for the office of secretary.  No other names were offered.  She was  elected unanimously.  Dick Merritt was nominated for the office of treasurer.  No other names were offered.  He was  elected unanimously.  The office of director (three year) is open, and Chris Richmond was nominated to fill it.  No other names were offered.  He was elected unanimously.  Congratulations to the new officers, and thanks to those who served and are rotating off.

5.    Geneva shared info about the intro to beekeeping class offered last Saturday.  There were 48 participants who attended from 9 am to noon.  Many expressed an interest in attending the January Bee School in 2012.  This year, the Orange County Bee School will be held on Tuesday nights, from 7 to 9 pm, at the Unitarian Universalist Church, beginning on January 10.  Space is limited to 50-70 participants, who will be able to register on-line soon and prepay.  Cost is $50 which includes the book.  There will be two field days.

6.    Todd reported that he has met with Craig Tucker, Orange County extension agent who works with 4-H to set-up guidelines for sponsoring two Orange County 4-Hers at Bee School and providing each with tools and equipment to manage a hive of bees for one year.  Another part of our commitment will be to mentor each student for the year.  Tentatively, each 4-Her must be recommended by a 4-H agent; must successfully attend bee school; must keep bees continuously for two years; must meet with mentors; must allow photo & info to be used for publicity.

7.    Marty asked Geneva to clarify a remark about needing mentors for bee school participants, and she reiterated that it is important that the “newbees” to beekeeping have some guidance as they complete the school and embark on the actual process of beekeeping.  Dick reminded all that each of us might not know a whole heck of a lot, but at least we know more than the average “newbee”.  There will be an attempt to match up mentors and newbees by geographic proximity.

8.    Geneva asked for volunteers to weed and cut back the perennials at the Pollinator Garden at the Hillsborough Visitors Center.  ‘Lizabeth volunteered.

Todd presented a slide show, challenging member to tell him “What’s Going On Here?”  Most of the photo depicted problems in the hive, and he briefly discussed what to do to correct the problems.

There was a reminder to club members that at the December 8th meeting there is no business but eating and fellowship.  The meeting will be a Pot Luck meal—bring a dish to share!  We will meet at 6 pm.  Those who wish to participate in a just-for-fun gift exchange should bring a wrapped gift ($10 limit, could be bee-related but isn’t required).  Participants will draw numbers for the order of selecting a gift.  This is fun!

Members enjoyed refreshments and fellowship following the meeting.

Respectfully submitted, ‘Lizabeth Collins

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