October 2014

OCBA meeting minutes, October 9, 2014 7:00 pm

1. The meeting was called to order by Cynthia Speed; Chris Apple is out of town.
2. Refreshments tonight are provided by Bailey’s Bee Supply.
3. Last week OCBA participated in “Farm to Table” with fourth graders from two school..
4. NC State Fair committee has worked hard and you will be viewing that hard work soon! Don Hopkins still has slots open for volunteers to work at the Education Booth next to the bee booths. Slots are for 4 or more hours and you get in the fair for free.
5. Lucy, manager of the Pollinator Garden at the Visitor’s Center in Hillsborough, announced that there will be a workday Saturday from 9 to 11 am to divide and move some plants in that garden. Let her know if you’d like to help.
6. Bee School will run for 10 weeks beginning in January, and the Intro to Beekeeping will be November 8 from 9 to noon. Registration is at 8:30. It is here at the church. Fliers for that course will be posted on line so that you can print and pass on to interested folks.
7. Also posted to the listserv. will be information about Pollinator Partnership Project.
8. David Bailey offers 10% off goods at Bailey’s Bee in exchange for a “selfie” with Bee (Beatrice) who will be hanging out at the State Fair booth this year.

Adolphus Leonard, State Bee Inspector in the eastern district, presented “Fall and Winter Management”. Beekeepers should be asking these key questions:
• Do you have a healthy queen going into the fall? Look for a healthy brood pattern and stores of food. There should be enough honey and pollen to get your colony through the winter.
• Do you have diseases in the hives? Check for varroa (July is the target month for sugar shakes), American Foul Brood, and small hive beetles.
• Do the bees have a good population? If weak, combine weak hives before the cold weather.
• Did you remove the queen excluder? If not, the queen may not be able to move up to food during the winter.
• Did you put on the entrance reducer? Also make sure to allow top ventilation.
Following the presentation, members enjoyed fellowship and refreshments. Then the meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
‘Lizabeth B. Collins

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