October 2014 Executive Committee Meeting

OCBA executive meeting minutes, October 28, 2014 7:00 pm

1. Present were ‘Lizabeth Collins, Chris Apple, Cynthia Speed, Cedric Pearce, Chris Richmond, and Rex Williams. Not present was Dick Merritt.
2. Chris A. announced that she and Cynthia will continue on as co-presidents as it has proved impossible to find someone to step up. However, they will share the duties of President and VP with Cynthia Windsong. Jan will take over as Secretary, and Mary Leonardi will understudy Dick as Treasurer. Dave Eckard will be on the slate as the new 3 year director; Cedric will complete 2 years and Rex has one more year to serve as director.
3. Next Chris A. r2eported that she has been working with Matthew, President of the Durham chapter, regarding hosting the State Bee meeting in 2016. The difficulty seems to be in finding an affordable location that is large enough. NCCU may be an option, but we may have to push back to hosting the 2017 meeting.
4. Also Chris A. asked for ideas for reaching out to youth for mentorships. The high schools didn’t pan out, and there are no new 4-Hers interested this year. Suggested were Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, and tapping Molly and Logan for ideas and contacts.
5. There followed a discussion about speakers for future OCBA meetings. Suggestions were made.
6. As there was no financial information to review, the meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
‘Lizabeth B. Collins

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