September 2015

Chris Apple started the meeting at 7:05 pm with a reminder for all to do a mite check and treat your hives if needed.

The Introduction to Beekeeping information session  has been cancelled this year. Bee school will commence on Jan 19th and will run for 9 consecutive Tuesdays starting at 7:00pm. The sign up start date will be November 1st. The timing makes this a great Christmas gift idea.

It was asked if anyone had a count indicating no varroa treatment was needed this time of year. Chris and Cynthia W. had a low count in a few hives.

Chris told us that Todd Walker is replacing Lewis Cauble as our regional director for the NC state beekeeping assoc. He acts as a liaison between local chapters and state organizations.

Todd encouraged all to pursue beekeeping certification. He said congratulations to Chris and Cynthia for passing the journeyman exam.

Chris introduced Geneva Greene and Don Hopkins to discuss why OCBA members should be part of the NC State Fair.

Everyone was encouraged to enter something. This adds to our booth points.
You can enter and just pull a no show if need be. Fair committee members can drop off your entries.

The Meeting adjourned at 8:56pm

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