September 2011

OCBA meeting Minutes- September 8, 2011  7:00 pm

  1. John called the meeting to order and welcomed the group.  He announced that he had found wax moths in a few of his hives on inspection today, and was advised to combine those colonies with stronger ones.
  2. ‘Lizabeth called roll.  Then she appealed to the group for a volunteer to take the minutes at the October meeting as she will not be able to attend.  Geneva was kind enough to volunteer.
  3. Dick pointed out NC membership cards for new members which he has received.  Please look for yours on the back table, or see Dick following the meeting.
  4. John called on Don Hopkins to tell about the NC State Fair.  Don brought his volunteer schedule for manning the education booth at the Fair in shifts of four hours over the ten days that the Fair will be open, Friday (Oct. 14) through Sunday (Oct. 23).  You can call Don on his cell (919.218.3310, but it might be better to call him at home (336.376.8250).
  5. In the absence of Saundra, ‘Lizabeth reported that the State Fair Booth committee is working diligently.  Any one who wishes to help set/tear down, please contact Saundra (596.9955).  All are encouraged to complete entries in every category they like as the deadline for registration is September 23 for honey and bee related products.
  6. John asked for volunteers to set up at Bugfest in Raleigh on Saturday, September 17, at the Museum of Natural Science.  Call Jennifer at the bee yard lab (919.513.7702

Todd introduced the speaker, Dr. John Ambrose, NCSU professor and researcher, who discussed the results of a collaborative effort to develop a NC State Standard for Honey.  The collaborators were NCSU, the Cooperative Extension Service, NC Farm Bureau, and NC Dept. of Agriculture.  Although almost every other country in the world has a standard of identity of honey, the US doesn’t, and it wasn’t until last year that NC had one.  NC’s standard for honey was based on one developed by Florida.  The key purpose of the new standard is to stop the sale of adulterated honey (most adulterated honey has corn syrup added to it) and to stop the sale of honey mislabeled as to floral source (i.e. honey labeled “sourwood” which doesn’t contain 51% of pollen from that particular flower). Dr. Ambrose pointed out the three items which every honey label in NC should have:  the correct name of the food, the source/contact information, and the net weight.  You can view a copy of the honey standard at the state association website.

Two volunteers at the meeting accepted Dr. Ambrose’s challenge to see if they could taste the difference between two honey products, one containing only honey and the other also containing corn syrup.  We were pleased that both of our volunteers were correctly able to taste the difference.

Dr. Ambrose answered a few questions before he was thanked with a round of applause.

  1. John agreed to follow up on a question about the January 2012 Bee School with a meeting of those involved.
  2. The Introduction to Beekeeping course is set for Saturday, November 5, from 9 to noon.  Preregistration is on theorba website.
  3. The next meeting will be November 10 , 2011, at 7 pm.  A volunteer is needed to provide refreshments.  Please email ‘Lizabeth (

Members enjoyed refreshments and fellowship following the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

‘Lizabeth Collins

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