September 2014

OCBA meeting minutes, September 11, 2014 7:00 pm

The meeting was called to order by co-presidents Chris Apple and Cynthia Speed. A number of announcements were made.
1. Volunteers are needed to sign up for refreshments for October and November.
2. Mary reported that the State Fair Committee has met and decided on the theme, “Bee Friends and Bee Foes,” for the educational exhibit. If you are interested in helping to plan the booth, or in helping set up the booth on October 15th, or in adding your bee products to the booth, contact Chris A. All members are encouraged to go online to view the list of items you can enter and the process for submission.
3. Lucy, manager of the Pollinator Garden at the Visitor’s Center in Hillsborough, announced that there will be a workday in October to divide and move some plants in that garden. Let her know if you’d like to help.
4. Also Chris A. mentioned that she and Cynthia are writing a proposal to place a live hive at the Visitor’s Center.
5. The new extractor policy has been posted on the website. Everyone should become familiar with it before next season. Meanwhile Chris A. is attempting to track down the club’s extractor. Please let her know where it is.
6. Cynthia announced that a Carrboro location has been found for placement of a demonstration hive. The site is on the corner of Old Pittsboro Road and Daffadil Lane. It is a meadow with a nearby stream, and belongs to a non-beekeeper, so volunteers will be needed to care for the hive(s).
7. Lewis plans to offer t-shirts when Bee School begins in January. Bee School will begin January 13, 2015, and Todd Walker and Randall Austin will co-direct
8. A news article—an interview with Chris Apple—appeared in the September 3, 2014 issue of the News of Orange County. ‘Lizabeth has a copy for the files.
9. Facebook is not a one-person job, reported Marissa. She will post directions for accessing the OCBA Facebook page on our webpage.
10. Oct. 2-3 is the “Farm to Table” field trip for 2nd graders. If you wish to volunteer, contact Chris A.
11. David Bailey will have a bee display table at the new Tractor Supply store from 9-2 on October 20, and he invited OCBA to set up a table, too.
12. Geneva Green will once again present an Introduction to Beekeeping at the church on November 8th.
13. Adolphus Leonard, State Inspector in the eastern district, will present Wintering your Bees at the October meeting.
14. Don Hopkins brought the sign-up sheets for volunteering at the bee exhibit during the NC State Fair.

Tonight’s speaker is Todd Warner, of Carolina Bees Company. He discussed “certified naturally grown”, and compared it to certified organically grown.
Following the presentation, members enjoyed fellowship and refreshments. Then the meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
‘Lizabeth B. Collins

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