September 2013


OCBA meeting minutes-September 12, 2013  7:00 pm

1.      Geneva greeted members and guests and reminded all to sign in for attendance purposes.

2.      Lewis shared information gathered before tonight’s meeting on mites in the demo hives.  Last month, one hive showed zero mites, the other 1-2 mites.  This month, one hive still shows zero mites, the other 7-9 mites.  Lewis reported that as this was a larger sampling, it would not be necessary to treat for mites (under 5%).  Also if you haven’t gotten your free sugar shake jars, please do so tonight.

3.      Rex was not present to report on Outreach but had texted info to Geneva.  ‘Lizabeth presented at the Durham Public Library on August 17, and to a Study Club in Halifax County on September 11;  Wattie presented to a Durham Jewish preschool; and Marissa and Valerie filled in for Marty.  Coming up are Farm to Table, September 28; Treating Bees on September 14; and Wax Workshop on September 21.

4.      State Fair is coming up soon and the committee is getting ready. Please enter your individual bee-related items as it helps the booth!  Deadline for entries is September 19th.  You can decide not to enter an item after the deadline if you have entered, but if you miss the deadline, see Geneva to enter items on the club’s registration.

5.      Dick reminded folks to see him for state membership cards.

6.      David Bailey announced the opening of a second location for his business in Raleigh on November 1st.

Geneva introduced Michael Simone-Finstrom, at NCSU, who presented “Science of Beekeeping,” an informative discussion of how to design a scientific experiment with your honey bees.

Then the meeting was adjourned.  Members enjoyed refreshments and conversations.

Respectfully submitted,

‘Lizabeth Collins

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