September 2012

OCBA meeting minutes-September 12, 2012  7:00 pm

  1. Todd welcomed the group and called the meeting to order.
  2.  Dick reminded everyone to sign in on the attendance sheets.  Todd invited all to move up front for the evening’s presentation.
  3. Watty brought all up-to-date on presentations made by club members; there have been twenty since the beginning of the year.  Two coming up are related to Rosh Hashanah because eating apples and honey are a traditional part of the holiday.  These are next Monday and Tuesday at elementary schools in Durham.
  4. Geneva announced that the Nominating Committee is still looking for a vice president to serve next year.  She reviewed the responsibilities of the office.
  5. Lewis reported on what he needs for the State Fair display booth. Dave volunteered to enter a poster of 12 honey plants; Geneva volunteered to enter a gift basket; David has both amber and dark extracted honey to enter; Randy will enter bee photos.  Other entry items are comb honey or bulk honey, cut-comb honey, chunk honey, creamed honey, bulk bees wax (8 lbs), mead.  If you have any of these items, please let Lewis know and enter them in the State Fair on line.  Lewis also asked if any one present had a connection to print facilities.
  6. Next Lewis asked who had been checking for mites with a sticky board sprayed with Pam cooking spray.  He pointed out that the spray isn’t sticky enough and that there might be false positive results with that method.  Don Hopkins suggests using petroleum jelly instead of spray cooking oil.
  7. Don Hopkins brought the volunteer sign-up book to help at the bee education booth.  Members are invited to sign-up for 4 hour shifts and get free admission to the fair.
  8. Randy recommended Green’s beetle traps.  He has used it as a bottom board with oil in addition to sprinkling the hive with powdered sugar to knock off the mites. Only $24 plus shipping.

Todd introduced the guests and speakers tonight: Ben and Becky Starr of Starrlight Meadery in Pittsboro.  They are members of OCBA who live in Durham.  Ben announced that members would be tasting mead, a fermented honey wine, while he described making it.  After some home experimentation, Ben entered his Spiced Apple Mead in an international competition in Colorado and won Best in Show in 2006.  Starrlight is one of only two wineries in NC that specializes in mead.  Members were entertained by Ben’s droll presentation and enjoyed tasting five different meads (Traditional Dry, Traditional Semi-Sweet, Meadjitos, Spiced Apple, and Joes’ Ancient Orange) produced by the Pittsboro meadery

Following the meeting, members and guests enjoyed refreshments and discussions together.

Respectfully submitted,

‘Lizabeth B. Collins

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