Honey Extractor Policy

Honey Extractor Policy

(Revised March 2016)

The following is the Honey Extractor Use Policy for members of the Orange County Beekeepers Association.

Description: The extractor is a hand-cranked radial model with a detachable base and accommodates 9 shallow or medium frames or 3 deep frames tangentially.

Associated Equipment: 5 gallon filtering system including: cappings tank and lid, 2 filters and bucket with gate valve, cappings scratcher and cold knife. Additionally, there is a binder containing a listing of the equipment and Extractor Check-Off Sheets.

Duration: The honey extractor and associated equipment can be reserved for a maximum of 4 days.

To reserve the extractor: Send an email to the OCBA secretary stating when you would like to reserve the extractor. The secretary will respond with availability and information concerning how to obtain the equipment.

Transfer of the extractor and accessories: When you receive the equipment, you will go over the Extractor Check-Off Sheet with the person releasing the equipment to you. You will confirm the presence of all equipment and will initial the check off sheet.  Upon return of the equipment, you will go over the Check-Off Sheet once again with the person receiving the equipment. Any missing equipment will be the responsibility of the person handing in the equipment. That party will be expected to locate or replace any missing parts. If any equipment is in poor repair, please be sure to mention that to the person receiving the equipment so that OCBA can make repairs or replacements as needed.

Rental Fee and Payment: The charge is $5.00 per day for use of the extractor for up to 4 days for OCBA members only. A day is defined as 24 hours. The member must be a member in good standing no later than March 31st of the current year. Cash payment or a check made payable to Orange County Beekeepers’ Association should be given to the OCBA member accepting the return of the equipment. Additionally, a $40.00 dollar deposit will be required. It is suggested the renting party write a check to OCBA for the deposit amount. On return of the equipment, the check will be returned unless the equipment is returned in unsatisfactory condition or it is returned late.

Failure to clean the equipment or return it on time will result in losing the privilege to rent the equipment in addition to the loss of the deposit.

Please respect your fellow members by helping us maintain the integrity and availability of this extractor and its associated equipment. Abuse of this policy may result in loss of extractor privileges for next year

Instructions For Use:

  1. After uncapping the frame place it in the extractor rack.
  2. Spin at moderate speed for 1 to 2 minutes, then spin again at moderate speed for one or two minutes then faster for 1 minute to remove as much honey as possible. Spinning speed should not be so fast or so vigorous as to distort the foundation.
  3. Allow the honey to drain through the open gate through the filter into the bucket below.

The extractor should be cleaned thoroughly after each use by one of two following methods.

  1. Place the “empty” extractor and other equipment near your hives so the bees can retrieve the remainder of the honey.  Thoroughly rinse out any residual honey and wax. Remember this equipment is used for processing food for human consumption. Keep it clean.
  1. If the water is determined to be potable (would you drink it?), a coin operated car-wash may be used to thoroughly rinse the extractor.