April OCBA Meeting

Cynthia and I are very excited about our upcoming April meeting! Xander Kent joined the Peace Corp and was tasked with developing an entire beekeeping program for West Africa. He knew absolutely nothing about beekeeping beforehand, which makes what he accomplished truly amazing. He is an engaging speaker and the slides of his experiences are truly fascinating. Mark your calendars for 7PM on April 10th! We look forward to seeing you there!

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T Shirts

We are in the process of ordering T Shirts. The design will be the previous design Louis created a few years ago. He has posted the information on the OCBA listserv. If you are not on the listserv and are interested in ordering a T Shirt, email me (chrisapple1231@gmail.com) and I will forward the links to you. The orders must be in by the morning of March 24th.

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Announcements That Would Have Been

If we would have had a meeting tonight, Cynthia and I would have made the following announcements:

1. If you passed the written Certified Beekeeper exam, please contact me (chrisapple1231@gmail.com) to schedule your hive practical.

2. We would like to have an OCBA T-shirt. Bring your design ideas to the March meeting!!!!

3. Don’t forget to sign up with Chris Richmond for swarm patrol if you are interested. Free bees are a great reward.

4. Cedric is working diligently on our newsletter, which should be ready soon.

5. Our 4H program is a wonderful opportunity to encourage young beekeepers. We really need folks to volunteer to keep this program going. Please contact Todd Walker (mtwalker@imageray.net) if you can help out.

6. Rev. Langstroth (aka Dr. John Ambrose) will be the speaker at our March meeting!!!

7. Please let Cynthia or I know if you have any special program requests.

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OCBA Meeting Cancelled Tonight 2/13/14

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Voting New Officers in November

According to our by-laws, we need to vote for our new officers at our November Meeting. We need to elect a President, a Vice-President and a new Director.

Following are the descriptions for President and Vice-President.  Remember this club is run solely by member’s volunteering.

SECTION 1:  PRESIDENT:  The President shall preside at all meetings of the Chapter using regular
parliamentary usage and Robert’s Rules of Order.  This officer shall appoint such special committees as
is deemed necessary, fill vacancies on any office, and perform such other duties as the Chapter may
direct.  The President will be authorized to make deposits and disburse all monies, should the Treasurer
be unable to perform those duties.  The President shall be an active member of the NCSBA.
SECTION 2:  VICE-PRESIDENT:  It shall be the duty of the Vice President to perform those duties of
the President in his or her absence, or upon the President’s request.  If the Vice President is unable to
perform this duty in the absence of the President, then the Vice President may appoint any member to
act in his or her stead.
The Vice-President, with the assistance of the Directors will make the necessary arrangement for
programs and secure speakers for same.  When directed by the Chapter, he/she will secure a meeting
place and make necessary arrangements for the regular meetings.
The Vice President shall be an active member of the NCSBA.

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