Local Honey and Hive Products

Beekeeping is a rewarding hobby. Just consider the delicious and useful products that come out of the honey bee hive. Below is a list of OCBA members who make their products available for sale. Honey sellers are all NCSBA Certified Honey Producers.

Local Honey

Dogwood Acres Honeywww.dogwoodacreshoney.comSouthern Orange County
Ryan Chamberlain,
Bee Wise Hives
info@beewisehives.comChapel Hill, Durham,
Orange County


Dogwood Acres Honeywww.dogwoodacreshoney.comSouthern Orange CountyBeeswax candles
Rogers’ Apiarydawnrogers006@gmail.comDurham100% Beeswax tapers, pillars, molds

Lip Balms, Creams and More

Hodo Bodywww.etsy.com/shop/Hodobody
(Local orders contact cdonley33 at gmail.com)
Southern Orange CountySoaps made with beeswax and honey
Rogers’ Apiarydawnrogers006@gmail.comDurhamSoaps, body butters, lip balms made with butters, oils, beeswax, honey

About the Certified Honey Producer Program      

The Certified Honey Producer Program (CHPP) promotes local honey produced by the NCSBA beekeepers and represents the honey as a genuine product of North Carolina.

Important Note

OCBA is providing this list of sellers for the benefit of honey and wax product consumers. OCBA beekeepers providing products for sale are all independent business people. OCBA assumes no liability for purchases between you and the beekeeper nor does it make any representations regarding the quality or purity of the honey or wax products that you buy.

Interested in Selling your Hive Products?

OCBA members interested in listing their honey and wax products should contact PresVP@theocba.org. To be included, you must be:

  • a club member in good standing
  • registered as a NCSBA Certified Honey Producer (for honey sales)
  • committed to informing the website manager when you are sold out
  • willing to make a $5 annual listing fee donation to benefit the North Carolina State Apiculture Program