Journal Discussion Group

Are you an experienced beekeeper with a strong desire to learn? Consider joining the Journal Discussion Group, which meets monthly to discuss advanced topics related to honey bees and beekeeping.


Each month, the group reviews academic journal articles and meets to discuss the subject matter via Zoom. As with the MBP Study Group, participants are expected to actively participate in discussions, recommend articles for review, facilitate discussions on a rotating basis and generally support the group as needed.

Who Qualifies for this Group?

If you have the following qualifications and are willing to play an active role, then you would be a good fit for this group. 

Participants must:

  • Have several years’ experience in beekeeping
  • Have an interest in reviewing and discussing academic articles
  • Have pursued beekeeping continuing education through conferences, monthly OCBA meetings, reading beekeeping books, magazines and academic articles etc.
  • Be current members (paid up) of the Orange County Beekeeper’s Association. Anyone can join OCBA; you don’t have to be a resident of Orange County. Annual dues are $10 and are payable here.

Please note, this forum doesn’t spend time on the basics. So, if you’re still learning the fundamentals of beekeeping, this group probably doesn’t make sense now. However, please keep it in mind as an OCBA educational opportunity to work toward. 

Getting Started

Contact OCBA’s Education Director with any questions you may have about the group.

To sign up for the Journal Discussion Group, please use the registration button.