Swarm Patrol

If you live in Orange County North Carolina and need a swarm of honey bees removed, call our Swarm Patrol.

Several club members operate a Swarm Patrol to offer the community a humane way to respond to a honey bee swarm. These beekeepers have the skills and equipment to safely remove a swarm. If you live in Orange County, North Carolina (or surrounding area) and need a swarm of honey bees removed from your property, please contact: Chris Richmond (919) 932-1335. Chris will connect you with a beekeeper who will remove the swarm.

Please note: We only remove honey bees, which nest above the ground (versus ground dwelling insects). This is a photo of a honey bee. We do not remove carpenter bees, yellow jackets, wasps, hornets, bumblebees etc.

California Residents: If you live in Orange County, California, the website for your local beekeeping club is ocbeekeepers.org.