The Orange County Beekeepers Association meets the second Thursday of every month (except July) at 7:00pm.

Meeting location:
Unitarian Universalist Church
1710 Old NC Highway 10
Hillsborough, NC

Presenters at our monthly meetings are drawn from beekeeping experts throughout North Carolina and discuss abroad range of beekeeping topics.

We are an independent chapter of the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association and have members of all ages who are very active at both the state and local levels. Many of our members pursue advanced beekeeping certifications through the NC State Beekeepers Association’s Master Beekeeper Program. Who We Are provides a list of the levels of certification attained to-date by our members.

Beekeeping is a lifelong learning experience. We encourage all OCBA members to participate in the Master Beekeeping Program to advance their beekeeping expertise and knowledge.

For more information, contact our president.

President: Celeste Mayer
Immediate Past President: Ryan Chamberlain
Vice President: Carrie Donley
Secretary: Cynthia Speed
Treasurer: Larry Arnold
Director: Lisa Vogel
Director: Randall Austin
Director: Dawn Rogers

Master Beekeeper Coordinator: Randall Austin