Master Beekeeper Program

Beekeeping is a lifelong learning experience.  We encourage all OCBA members to participate in North Carolina State Beekeepers Association’s Master Beekeeper Program to advance their beekeeping expertise and knowledge.


The Master Beekeeper Program was developed to provide a formal structure to all beekeepers to improve their beekeeping skills and knowledge. The Master Beekeeper Program consists of four levels: Certified, Journeyman, Master and Master Craftsman Beekeeper. Advancing through the levels consists of a mix of written, practical, field and oral exams plus public service.

Club members interested in participating in the Master Beekeeper Program must also be active members of the NCSBA. Membership in the NCSBA is separate from the OCBA membership. Annual membership is $15.

Randall Austin is OCBA’s Master Beekeeper Coordinator. In this capacity, he serves as OCBA’s liaison to the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association’s Master Beekeeper Program. Among OCBA’s current membership, these members have earned advanced beekeeping certifications.

Certified Beekeepers

Larry Arnold • David Bailey • Kathleen Baker • Lee Bumgarner • Anne Cabell • Lauren Carreto • Cely Chicurel • Scott Crook • Carrie Donley • Tyler Felgenhauer • Sheri Gant • Elizabeth Gokay-Duffy • James Greco • Mark Gruener • Elyza HaLev • Maribeth Hamilton • Joan Kalnitsky • Robert King • Karen Lauterbach • Mary Leonhardi • Barbara McFayden • Dick Merritt • Nancy Oglesby • Mark Peters • Douglass Phillips • Ian Rasmussen • Haywood Rhodes • Chris Richmond • Vicki Robertson • Ron Rozelle • John Schaub • Cathy Starks • Tim Struttmann • Kim Talikoff • Megan Talikoff • Dan Tamburro • Tommy Tuck • John Vargas • Lara Wilkinson • Erika Wittchen • Keith Yow

Journeyman Beekeepers

Jeanne Arnts • Carol Carter • Ryan Chamberlain • Brad Kosiba • Celeste Mayer • Elizabeth Pratson • Louise (Lou) Rascoe • John Rintoul • Dawn Rogers • Mark Smith • Walter Starks • Lisa Vogel • Lynn Wilson

Master Beekeepers

Chris Apple • Randall Austin • Lewis Cauble • David Eckert • Mark Powers • Cynthia Speed • John Wallace 

Master Beekeeper Study Group

To support our members pursuing the Journeyman and Master Beekeeper certifications, the club offers a study group led by two Master Beekeepers who help students prepare for successful testing. The group meets in the Spring and members take turns presenting on reading assignment topics.

Registration for this program is now open for 2022.