We pulled together a list of quick links to resources that may be interesting and helpful to beekeepers, as well as members of the community.

What’s in Bloom

Find out what your bees are currently enjoying by looking at What’s in Bloom.

Photo Gallery

Enjoy the beautiful photos in our photo gallery, including pictures of honey bees, apiaries, club activities and events.

Local Honey and Hive Products

OCBA members sell honey and other hive products. See the list here.

Discussion Forum

We have an active discussion board where members exchange questions, answers and ideas. This provides valuable second opinions and support to beekeepers of all levels. If you’d like to be included please send an email (no subject or body needed) to You will receive an email back saying ‘We received your request to join theocba.’ Reply back to the email and you will become a member of the email group.

Extraction Equipment Rental

The OCBA makes extraction equipment available to members for a small fee. The honey extractor and associated equipment can be reserved for a maximum of four days. Learn more.

Swarm Patrol

Several club members operate a Swarm Patrol to offer the community a humane way to respond to a honey bee swarm. These beekeepers have the skills and equipment to safely remove a swarm. Report a swarm.

Beekeeping Articles

Randall Austin, OCBA’s Master Beekeeper Coordinator, has written an excellent series of articles addressing a wide range of beekeeping topics. Use command or control f to open a search window in Randall’s Archive page.

Helpful Links