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OCBA Honey Extraction Workshop

On Saturday, June 20, at 2 pm, with temperatures soaring up to 97 degrees; OCBA held its annual Honey Extraction Workshop.  Our thanks go to Keith Yow, Cedar Ridge High School Furniture and Cabinet Making instructor, for providing an air conditioned workshop.  Dave Eckert, OCBA Mentoring Director, did a splendid job as usual. He went into great detail demonstrating different ways to remove bees from supers and frames in preparation for extracting as well as different tools used to remove wax cappings .  In addition, he reviewed the agreement for those who may choose to rent the extractor, and described all of the parts and their use.


Haylee Borden Wielding the Uncapping Knife


Uncapping with the cappings scratcher


Spinning Out the Honey



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Honey Extraction Workshop

OCBA’s annual Honey Extraction Workshop will be held at Cedar Ridge High School in Hillsborough on June 20th at 2 PM. This workshop offers an opportunity to get hands on experience uncapping and extracting your frames, accompanied by lots of useful information concerning the entire process.

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State Fair

The State Fair is fast approaching. Consider entering a competition. Blue Ribbons are great to have and it is easy to enter. Check out

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Field Day 7/26/2014

Just a reminder that the DCBA and OCBA field day is July 26th, 1pm, at the Charlette Brody Discovery Garden, which is part of the Sarah P Duke Garden.  Thank you Donna Devanney and SPDG for so generously sharing your time and apiary with us all!

Here’s some important details.

  1. Click here for directions to 420 Anderson Street, Durham, NC 27708
  2. Go to the visitor’s office to receive a parking voucher.  There are other events going on that day, so be patient and maybe give yourself a few extra minutes. (Durham Folk, Donna has passes ready for you at this Monday’s meeting).
  3. Walk to the Discovery Garden.
  4. Have fun!
  5. Worth repeating, Have Fun!
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2014 Bee School

Registration is now open for the 2014 Bee School! Visit the school page for more information.

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